Visualizing Microbial Seascapes - Spring

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Ecological Interactions and Biodiversity

Students’ discussions about shared characteristics and relationships among their organisms form the basis of these categories.

Acartia Tonsa

Acartia tonsa

Acartia tonsa Common name: Copepod By A. Gaul

Acartia tonsa

Acartia tonsa written by Mika Laird Order: Calanoida Family: Acartiidae Genus: Acartia Species: Acartia tonsa Acartia tonsa are calenoid copepods most commonly found in coastal regions such as estuaries and brackish waters. They are found in cold and warm waters… Continue Reading →

Asterionella sp.

Asterionella sp. Devlen Dykeman

Balanus glandula

    Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ArthropodaClass: MaxillopodaOrder: SessiliaFamily: BalanidaeGenus: BalanusSpecies: Glandula Description: Barnacle larvae, as with the myriad of other crustacean larva are often referred to as Nauplii. Found in the water column, they are translucent, usually with six visible appendages,… Continue Reading →

Calanus pacificus

Author: Kyle Ferris


Common name: Skeleton Shrimp By: Cavtra19 What is a Caprellidae? 


The copepod is a microscopic organism that has a major impact on the development of marine life. The copepod belong to the zooplankton family. They are small measuring .5 to 15mm. They are a small crustacean with bodies covered in… Continue Reading →

Glycera sp.

Common name: Polychaete      Author: Brittney Deiss

Hediste diversicolor

Hediste diversicolor I am using this species of polychaete to describe my organism because at the larval stage it is difficult to determine the end resulting organism. This organism is one of the more widely studied polychaetes and has more relevant… Continue Reading →

Hemigrapsus oregonensis

by Emma McConahay

Hemigrapsus oregonensis

Hemigrapsus oregonensis

Bay shore crab

Hemisgrapsus oregonensis

Bay Shore Crab By: V. Sed



Author: Iris Paz


Common name: Barnacle Larvae By Nic Christ

Pleurobrachia bachei

Author: Nicole Manteufel

Pleurobrachia bachei

Polychaeta Worm

Polychaete worm 


Author Scott Weedall


the genus: Protoperidinium




Protoperidinium  Common Name: Whirl Round By: Mishauna Watkinson 

Protoperidinium crassipes

Protoperidinium crassipes By: Barent Vroman

Protoperidinium pellucidum


Rhizosolenia: Ocean Drifter

Scyphozoa Ephyra

Ephyra stage of the Scyphozoa life cycle

Semibalanus Balanoides



Common name: Tintinnid ciliate

Tintinnid ciliate

Author: Kasey Tollefson 


By Reghan Biddle Tintinnid: Stenosemella nivalis

Tintinnids (Favella sp.)

Venerupis philippinarum

  Common names: Japanese littleneck clam, manila clam, steamer clam Author: Justin Roberts

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