Visualizing Microbial Seascapes - Spring

Monograph Project


Ambush & Entangling Predators

These marine microorganisms are in this category due to the fact that they have all adapted to the competitive marine world. Each of these predators have adapted in very unique ways to capture their prey giving them a little advantage in their tough ocean life. Some of the unique adaptations you will see in this category range from ejecting a pseudopod from their own bodies to absorb prey, long selective tentacles that ensnare their targets and even using their own bodies to entangle their catch. All these marine organisms fight hard to have their own spot in these competitive waters using any advantages they have to beat the odds. These organism may be small but don’t underestimate them, they can surprise and ambush you before you even know it.


Common name: Skeleton Shrimp By: Cavtra19 What is a Caprellidae? 

Pleurobrachia bachei

Author: Nicole Manteufel

Protoperidinium crassipes

Protoperidinium crassipes By: Barent Vroman

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