Week 10 Schedule

Week 10 and Conference Week Schedule (changes to previous info in bold):

  • Mon. Dec. 3, 9am. DE Exam. Final DE PSN check (DE only).
  • Mon. Dec. 3, 1pm. MVVC Review.
  • Tue. Dec. 4, 9am. MVVC Exam. Final MVVC PSN check (MVVC only).
  • Tue. Dec. 4, 1:30pm. LA Review.
  • Wed. Dec. 5, 9am. LA Exam. Final LA PSN check (LA only).
  • Thu. Dec. 6, 10am. Exam Revision Workshops. Program Potluck & Quarter Celebration. Look Ahead to Winter.
  • Fri. Dec. 7, noon. Portfolios due to the Cave.
  • Fri. Dec. 7, 11am-2pm. Tutoring time with Sheena, in the Cave, to work on Exam Revisions.
  • Sun. Dec. 9, noon – 2pm. Tutoring time with Sheena, in the Cave, to work on Exam Revisions.
  • Mon. Dec. 10, 10am. Exam Revisions due to faculty offices (Brian Sem II C3110, Krishna Lab 2 3255, slip under office doors if faculty not present).
  • By 5pm the day before your Evaluation conference: post your peer-reviewed and revised Academic Statement and your Self-Evaluation via my.evergreen.edu and share them with faculty for faculty review.
  • By your Evaluation Conference: submit your Student Evaluation of Faculty via my.evergreen.edu.

Remember to sign up for an evaluation conference if you haven’t already done so!


Winter Quarter Registration

  • Those of you who were registered for 16 credits in fall quarter should be automatically registered for 16 credits in winter quarter. If you are not, there is likely some kind of hold on your account, so please get that cleared.
  • Those of you were were registered for less than 16 credits in fall quarter will need to complete an add form to register for winter quarter. Or, if you were registered for 16 credits in fall but will be registering for less than 16 credits in winter, you will also need to complete an add form to change the number of credits you are registered for. Please bring an add form to your Evaluation Conference and we’ll sign it there. If it is important to get this taken care of before your conference, check in with Krishna.

Winter Quarter Info, II

  • Winter Quarter Info, I
  • Texts for Advanced Physics Lab & Seminar updated to include
    • An Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements, 2nd Edition. John R. Taylor. ISBN 9780935702750. (this is definite)
    • The Prism and the Pendulum. Robert P. Crease. (this is still under consideration, and I welcome your feedback)
    • Both texts are available for you to look over in the Cave, next to the Faraday Rotation set-up.
    • **Whoever borrowed Intro to Error Analysis, please return it**
  • Krishna will be available at Academic Fair on Wed. Nov. 28 from 4 – 6 in the CRC to discuss your questions about winter quarter.

Week 9 Reading Assignments, Learning Goals, Problem Sets, and Schedule

Please find the Week 9 Assignments by clicking on the links below:

Week 9 Class Meeting Schedule: [There are a few atypical class meetings this week – see bolded information below.] 

  • Mon. Nov. 26: 10am-noon, Cave: DE (bring PSNs for check)
  • Mon. Nov. 26: 1-3pm, Cave: MVVC
  • Tue. Nov. 27, 10am-noon, Cave: DE
  • Tue. Nov. 27, 1:30-3:30pm, Cave: LA.
  • Wed. Nov. 28, 9am-12pm, Cave: MVVC
  • Wed. Nov. 28, 12-1pm, Cave: Seminar (Academic Statement work)
  • Wed. Nov. 28, 4-6pm, CRC: Academic Fair
  • Thu. Nov. 29, 10-11:30am, Cave: LA
  • Thu. Nov. 29, 12:30-4pm, CAL Cave: All-Program Check-in; DE Review Session.
  • Fri. Nov. 30, 6pm: Week 9 CSS contributions posted