Submissions or Re-submissions

  • Ungraded quizzes, quixams, and revisions were returned to you for study purposes. Please turn back in any ungraded quizzes, quixams, or revisions to the appropriate folders in the Cave: orange folders for CM, blue folders for EM, and purple folders for QM.
  • If a quiz, quixam, or revision was fully graded, please do not re-submit. For the most part, this is unambiguous, but there may be one or two that I started grading and didn’t complete grading when returned to you for studying.
  • If you are submitting a QM Quiz or a CM or EM Revision for the first time, please mark it with “Late” when you place it in the appropriate folder.
  • Please alphabetize when you turn in to each folder.
  • Please also submit CM, EM, and QM PSNs + Logs for final checks.
  • All of these need to be submitted by 9:30am Thursday June 6.