Application Materials

  • Entrance Application available for download here. Detailed instructions for completion and submission on Application itself.
  • Diagnostic Exam available for download here. Detailed instructions for allowed resources, completions, and submission on Diagnostic itself. Must be completed independently. Only allowed resources are personal notes from calculus, a calculus textbook, and a calculator or equivalent (except on questions where such use is prohibited).

Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics is an intensive intermediate-to-advanced program that builds on previous introductory work in calculus and calculus-based physics. The listed prerequisites are: “Proficiency in one year of introductory calculus (including both differential and integral calculus) and one year of calculus-based physics (including introductory mechanics and electricity and magnetism)”.

This Entrance Application and Diagnostic Exam are to determine whether you meet the listed prerequisites. They will also allow the program faculty to diagnose any areas where you may need to do supplementary work to prepare for fall quarter.

Students who meet the math prerequisite may apply to take the entire program in fall; they may also apply for some partial credit options. There is no formal physics prerequisite for fall quarter.

In fall quarter, the program will be an intensive sequence of applied mathematics. The fall quarter will consist of:

  • Integrated Math Lab – 4 credits
  • Differential Equations – 4 credits
  • Linear Algebra – 4 credits
  • Multivariable & Vector Calculus – 4 credits

All students will take Integrated Math Lab, and may choose any combination of the other subjects.

Students wishing to continue in winter will need to have successfully completed the fall quarter subjects and also meet the calculus-based physics prerequisite. Students who have not taken calculus-based physics but excelled in algebra-based physics and in the fall quarter math subjects will be considered for acceptance into winter quarter.

All students who meet the prerequisites as demonstrated on the Entrance Application and the Diagnostic Exam will be given a signature to register for the program. The signature will not automatically register you for the program – you will still need to register for the program. Students who receive a signature will be notified by email and expected to register within a week of the email being sent.