Week 9 Reading Assignments, Learning Goals, Problem Sets, and Schedule

Please find the Week 9 Assignments by clicking on the links below:

Week 9 Class Meeting Schedule: [There are a few atypical class meetings this week – see bolded information below.] 

  • Mon. Nov. 26: 10am-noon, Cave: DE (bring PSNs for check)
  • Mon. Nov. 26: 1-3pm, Cave: MVVC
  • Tue. Nov. 27, 10am-noon, Cave: DE
  • Tue. Nov. 27, 1:30-3:30pm, Cave: LA.
  • Wed. Nov. 28, 9am-12pm, Cave: MVVC
  • Wed. Nov. 28, 12-1pm, Cave: Seminar (Academic Statement work)
  • Wed. Nov. 28, 4-6pm, CRC: Academic Fair
  • Thu. Nov. 29, 10-11:30am, Cave: LA
  • Thu. Nov. 29, 12:30-4pm, CAL Cave: All-Program Check-in; DE Review Session.
  • Fri. Nov. 30, 6pm: Week 9 CSS contributions posted