EM Final Exam!!!

Here is the Electricity & Magnetism Final Exam!

Notes/Clarifications/Corrections: (updated 4:15pm Tue. Jun. 4)

  • Remembers to limit your time on the exam to 6 hours total. Those need not be 6 consecutive hours. Exams are due directly to me in the Cave at 9am Wed. June 5.
  • I apologize for the broken link to the exam; thanks for those who alerted me. The link was fixed by 5pm Mon. Jun. 3.
  • I don’t think anyone will need to adjust your work if you’ve already completed Problem 13, but we should think of part b) as follows:
    • 13b1) Set up the definite integral(s) that would allow you to find the total angular momentum vector of the fields (with respect to the z axis of the shells).
    • 13b2) Evaluate the definite integral(s). You may use technology to help you with the evaluation(s) (though you can do them all by hand).
  • Problem 4g: outside the shell should say r > b, not r > a.
  • Problem 8c: With the given charge distribution, you wind up with one integral that is best evaluated with technology (the other integral(s) can be evaluated without technology). Get as far as you can on the ones you can evaluate.