Reminders: Thu. Feb. 28

  • You can find the details of our very non-standard Week 18 schedule at the Week 18 Calendar page.
  • 9:30-10:30am: Student-directed workshop on QM Quiz Q5 (Quizhome Q5 will be due 9:30am Tue. Mar. 5).
  • 10:30-11:30am: Student-directed workshop on Error Analysis to work on any uncompleted questions. Reminder: Complete EA PSN and Log due 1pm Fri. Mar. 1 to the Cave; make a pile on the back table.
  • 12:30-3:30pm: Student-directed workshop on CM/EM/QM to work on this week’s Problem Sets or on CM Quixam C3 and EM Quixam E3 revisions. CSS Contributions all to be submitted by 7pm Fri. Mar. 1. Both Quixam revisions due Mon. Mar. 4.

Reminders: Wed. Feb. 27

  • You can find the details of our very non-standard Week 18 schedule at the Week 18 Calendar page.
  • Wed. Feb. 27 is actually pretty much the same as a typical Wednesday.
  • Class begins at 9am with Error Analysis workshop (this will be shorter than usual, as you will have had quite a lot of time on Tuesday to self-direct a workshop on this material) followed by Hidden Figures presentations, followed by Instrument Seminars on Brownian Motion, Laser Cavities, and Quantum Optics (Single Photon Interference).
  • Instrument Seminar Summaries for G, H, and I are due at 9am.
  • Bring/drop-off CM, EM, and QM PSNs and Logs at 9am for checks.

Reminders: Tue. Feb. 26

  • You can find the details of our very non-standard Week 18 schedule at the Week 18 Calendar page.
  • On Tue. Feb. 26 from 9:30 – 11:30am, students should meet in the Cave and self-direct a workshop on Error Analysis material, specifically focusing on this week’s assignment from Ch. 11 and 12, but also on any old material. This is in preparation for a shorter-than-usual EA workshop during Wednesday’s APLS time, and particularly in preparation for submitting your completed EA PSN and Log by the due time of 1pm Fri. Mar. 1.
  • On Tue. Feb. 26, EM Qu¡xam! E3 will be available in the Cave by 1pm. As discussed last week, take the quixam under standard conditions starting at 1pm, monitoring your time, and complete by 2pm. From 2 – 3pm, facilitate between you all a quixam workshop (see the quixam instructions). At the end of your self-directed quixam workshop, turn in your quixams.

Feb 25 EM Lecture Followup

In my lecture it was not clear enough how to use Equation 4.5 to calculate force. I found what I consider a clear explanation online (Equation 5 on this web page and the example immediately following it).

The way the formula is supposed to work is as follows:

Each component of E is some scalar function of position r. To find the x component of the force on a dipole, start by taking the gradient of the function E_x(r).

Now take the dot product of p (the full p vector!) with the gradient you just found. The result is the x component of the force on the dipole.

Repeat for the y and z components of E to find the y and z components of F.

The example on the we page linked about offers an electric field that is basically E=k(y x_hat + x y_hat). To find the x component of force, take the gradient of the function ky, which yields the vector k y_hat. Now dot this with your dipole vector p; this will give k p_y  (y_hat dot y_hat) = k p_y.

Similarly, to find the y component of force, take the gradient of the y component of E. This gives k x_hat. The dot product of this gradient vector with will therefore be kp_x.

Below is the PowerPoint from this afternoon (with a new Slide 10 on this topic). Note that we skipped Problem 4.7 and Problem 4.14 in class.

Download (PPTX, 9.14MB)

QM Quiz Q5

  • QM: Quiz Q5, due Thu. Feb. 28 by 9:30am.
  • Note: you have a suggested 45 minutes to work on this, but as always, this suggestion is not a requirement and you should report the estimated time spent.
  • Reminder: you will have a student-directed and tutor-supported quiz workshop on this quiz starting at 9:30am on Thu. Feb. 28. This will be followed by a student-directed Error Analysis workshop from 10:30 – 11:30 in anticipation of the 1pm Fri. Mar. 1 due date for completed EA PSN and Log.

Reschedule Readjustment, Thu. Feb. 21

I’ve updated the Thursday schedule posted in Irregular schedule changes for Week 17 and on the Week 17 Calendar page.

I was able to re-schedule my travel departure a little bit, so we can have both an EM workshop and a CM workshop before I have to leave. It’s not ideal because we go from 9 – 1 before an official break, but we are in workshop mode from 11 – 1, so perhaps that’s not unmanageable.