Conference Week reminders/clarifications

Some reminders/clarifications about this week’s conferences:

  • Make sure you have checked your conference time.
  • I’ve clarified on that page what work is due, and adjusted the due time for missing work to be at your conference.
  • Everyone should be checked through CM PS#9, EM PS#8, and QM PS#8; only if you are behind on that do you need to bring updated work to your conference.
  • CM Quixam C5 Revisions are due Tue. Apr. 9 in CM. QM Quizhome Q8 is due Tue. Apr. 9 in QM. So no need to bring those to your conference. If you are behind on any Quixam Revisions or Quizhomes other than those, you should bring those to your conference.
  • If you will not be able to complete any missing work (PSNs, Quixam Revisions, or Quizhomes as described above, or any other missing work such as Instrument Seminar Summaries) to bring with you to your conference, come prepared to discuss a completion plan.

Community Solution Sets – Spring Quarter

  • As discussed in class, we are modifying our CSS procedure for spring quarter.
  • Students will continue to submit contributions to Community Solution Sets in Classical Mechanics, following the same procedure as before.
    • CM PS#10 CSS assignments are now available in the CSS folder and submissions are due by 7pm Fri. Apr. 5.
    • Each student will be assigned to type-set three of their solutions over the quarter, from PS#11 – PS#17.
    • Each CM student has one week where, instead of contributing to the CM CSS, they are part of a pool available to supplement the EM and QM Solutions in that week.
  • Solutions to EM and QM Problem Sets will be provided, drawing from those written by PSAM students from 2016-17. These Solutions will become available by Fri. Apr. 5.
    • Students not taking CM and thus not producing CSS contributions each week will instead be tasked with some monitoring oversight for either the EM Solutions or the QM Solutions. This may involve posting (themselves) or soliciting (from the pool, see above) supplemental solutions.

Reading Responses – Spring Quarter

  • As discussed in class, we are discontinuing formal Reading Responses in spring quarter.
  • You are still expected to prepare for class meetings by completing the assigned reading, summarizing the main ideas in your reading notes, and identifying the big questions you develop through the reading.
  • As you choose, you may email your questions to me in advance of in-class discussion.