Application for Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics

You can find the Entrance Application, Diagnostic Exam, and detailed information here.

All students who meet the prerequisites as demonstrated on the Entrance Application and Diagnostic Exam will be given signature permission to register for the program. The signature will not automatically register you for the program – you will still need to register for the program. Students who receive a signature will be notified by email and expected to register within a week of the email being sent.

Interested in Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics, 2018-19?

Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics (PSAM) is one of the key advanced programs in the Integrated Computational, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences (ICMaPS) path of study at Evergreen. You can read our catalog description here. You can find information about applying for the program here.

Fall quarter of PSAM is an intensive study of applied mathematics: differential equations, linear algebra, and multi-variable & vector calculus, supported by a math lab; each component is 4 credits. All students must take math lab, but partial credit options are available: students may choose to take any combination of differential equations, linear algebra, or multi-variable & vector calculus. For example, math lab + 1 subject (8 credits) or math lab + 2 subjects (12 credits) or math lab + 3 subjects (16 credits, the full program).

Winter and spring quarters will build on the mathematical foundation from fall quarter as we take on central subjects in physics: classical mechanics (4 credits winter + 4 credits spring), electricity & magnetism (4 credits winter + 4 credits spring), and quantum mechanics (4 credits winter + 4 credits spring), along with a lab/project component (4 credits winter + 4 credits spring).

Please read the other posts for more information. You may also email faculty Krishna Chowdary at or meet Krishna at All-Campus Mentoring Day or the Academic Fair on Wed. May 16.