Final Conferences

  • I’m looking forward to our Final Conferences this week.
  • I have your graded CM & EM Final Exams along with your CM, EM, and QM Exam Revisions ready for you to pick up at your conference. You can also pick up your final set of PSNs at your conference as well.
  • Being sick slowed me down a great deal. I’ll be prepared at your conferences to discuss earned credit, but won’t have made much progress in drafts of evaluations. We’ll still be able to have good conversations about your work this year.

End-of-Program Reminders

  • CM, QM Final Exam Revisions are due by 5pm Fri. Jun. 7 to Krishna’s office Lab 2 3255 (originally due time was 3pm).
  • EM Final Exam Revisions are due by 9am Mon. Jun. 10 to Lab 2 3255.
  • Some notes about Exam Revisions are here.
  • ALP Final Papers are due by 5pm Mon. Jun. 10 via email to Krishna and John.
  • All other materials (quiz, quixam, PSN + Log, etc. re-submissions or submissions) should already have been turned in.
  • You can sign up for Final Conferences here.
  • Self-Evaluations are due to be shared via your by noon the day before your Conference.

Submissions or Re-submissions

  • Ungraded quizzes, quixams, and revisions were returned to you for study purposes. Please turn back in any ungraded quizzes, quixams, or revisions to the appropriate folders in the Cave: orange folders for CM, blue folders for EM, and purple folders for QM.
  • If a quiz, quixam, or revision was fully graded, please do not re-submit. For the most part, this is unambiguous, but there may be one or two that I started grading and didn’t complete grading when returned to you for studying.
  • If you are submitting a QM Quiz or a CM or EM Revision for the first time, please mark it with “Late” when you place it in the appropriate folder.
  • Please alphabetize when you turn in to each folder.
  • Please also submit CM, EM, and QM PSNs + Logs for final checks.
  • All of these need to be submitted by 9:30am Thursday June 6.

Sign-up for Final Conferences

  • Final Conferences are scheduled for Wed. Jun. 12 and Thu. Jun. 13.
  • You can sign up for a Final Conference here.
  • Conference lengths for graduating seniors are 40 minutes so we can discuss Final Academic Statements. Conference lengts for continuing students are 20 minutes.
  • Please submit your final program Self-Evaluation by noon the day prior to your Conference via your Make sure you have shared it with faculty so that I can access it.

Advanced Lab Projects Final Presentations, Wed. June 5, 9am – 1pm

  • Students who worked on Advanced Lab Projects in spring quarter will be presenting on their work from 9am – 1pm on Wednesday June 5, in the Cave, as previously announced.
  • All students in PSAM are expected to attend as their schedule allows. Students who have other commitments should have been proactive in contacting me.
  • Your classmates have worked hard, done some cool things, and have learned a great deal that they are eager to share with you!

EM Final Exam!!!

Here is the Electricity & Magnetism Final Exam!

Notes/Clarifications/Corrections: (updated 4:15pm Tue. Jun. 4)

  • Remembers to limit your time on the exam to 6 hours total. Those need not be 6 consecutive hours. Exams are due directly to me in the Cave at 9am Wed. June 5.
  • I apologize for the broken link to the exam; thanks for those who alerted me. The link was fixed by 5pm Mon. Jun. 3.
  • I don’t think anyone will need to adjust your work if you’ve already completed Problem 13, but we should think of part b) as follows:
    • 13b1) Set up the definite integral(s) that would allow you to find the total angular momentum vector of the fields (with respect to the z axis of the shells).
    • 13b2) Evaluate the definite integral(s). You may use technology to help you with the evaluation(s) (though you can do them all by hand).
  • Problem 4g: outside the shell should say r > b, not r > a.
  • Problem 8c: With the given charge distribution, you wind up with one integral that is best evaluated with technology (the other integral(s) can be evaluated without technology). Get as far as you can on the ones you can evaluate.

EM Exam info

  • A reminder that you can use the inside covers of Griffiths and Taylor for the CM Final Exam. Those are available in the Cave for you to pick up, if you haven’t picked them up already. You should keep them for use on the CM and EM Exams.
  • In addition to the inside covers of Griffiths and Taylor, you are also able to use a personally prepared 8.5 inch by 11 inch note sheet (both sides) that you have prepared prior to starting the CM Exam.
  • The EM Exam will be available on-line starting at 3pm on Monday June 3 for those of you taking the at-home option. If you are planning to take the exam in person in the Cave on Tuesday June 4, please try to let me know in advance so I can have copies on hand. If you decide to take the exam in person and haven’t emailed in advance, that is just fine – there will be a very slight delay as I print an exam copy for you. A reminder that I will provide lunch for those of you who take the exam in person.
  • EM Exams are due directly to me in the Cave at 9am Wednesday June 5.