Week 2 Reading Assignments, Learning Goals, Problem Sets, and Schedule

Please find the Week 2 Assignments by clicking on the links below:

Week 2 Class Meeting Schedule:

  • Our schedule is nearly to its normal (the main exception is Monday morning).
  • Mon. Oct. 1, 10am-noon, CAL: No Quiz today, but class meets. Bring your Problem Set Notebooks (PSNs) for PSN Check.
  • Mon. Oct. 1, 1-3pm, CAL: MVVC. Bring Boas. Come with Big Math Ideas and your specific questions from the reading already written down.
  • Tue. Oct. 2, 10am-noon, CAL: DE. Bring Boas. Come with Big Math Ideas and your specific questions from the reading already written down.
  • Tue. Oct. 2, 1:30-3:30pm, CAL: LA. Bring Strang. Come with Big Math Ideas and your specific questions from the reading already written down.
  • Wed. Oct. 3, 9-10:30am, Cave: MVVC (bring Boas).
  • Wed. Oct. 3, 10:30am-noon, Cave: DE (bring Boas).
  • Wed. Oct. 3, noon-1pm, Cave: Seminar (bring reading and writing prompt responses).
  • Thu. Oct. 4, 10-11:30am, Cave: LA (bring Strang).
  • Thu. Oct. 4, 12:30-4pm, CAL: All-Program Check-in; Math Lab.

Week 1 Reading Assignments, Learning Goals, and Problem Sets

Please find the Week 1 Assignments by clicking on the links below:


  • You can find links to the Collaborative Solution Set assignments at the bottom of each of the pages linked above. (updated 9/25)
  • You can find the slides from DE session 1W (that is, the session on Week 1 Wednesday) here, and in general such links will appear on the homework assignment page for the given week. (updated 9/26)

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  • You may opt to receive email reminders:
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Week 1 Reading Assignments and Schedule

Please read the following for Week 1 (bring copies of Boas and Strang to class meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as described in schedule):

  • Differential Equations (DE): Boas 8.1 – 8.2
  • Linear Algebra (LA): Strang Ch. 1
  • Multivariable & Vector Calculus (MVVC): Boas 4.1, 4.3 – 4.4 (updated 9/23)
  • All-Program Meeting (APM): Cronon, Only Connect (we’ll provide a paper copy in class on Monday, so no need to print out your copy); click here for Writing Prompts.


  • We have a slightly non-standard schedule this week. * indicates sessions where you might not normally attend, but which we are asking you to attend for this first week. Please make your best effort to attend these meetings, and let us know if there is a problem.
  • *Mon. Sep. 24, 10am-noon, Computer Applications Lab (CAL) Lab 2 1223A: First Class Meeting! Begins promptly at 10am. Bring your First Day Writing Assignment.
  • *Mon. Sep. 24, 1-3pm, CAL: Second Class Meeting!
  • *Tue. Sep. 25, 10am-noon, CAL: Third Class Meeting – getting started with Mathematica.
  • *Tue. Sep. 25, 1:30-3:30pm, Lab 2 2238: More Mathematica + Reading Workshop (bring program text(s)).
  • Wed. Sep. 26, 9-11am, Lab 1 054 (Cave): MVVC (bring Boas).
  • Wed. Sep. 26, 11am-1pm, Cave: DE (bring Boas).
  • Thu. Sep. 27, 10-11:30am, Cave: LA (bring Strang).
  • Thu. Sep. 27, 12:30-4pm, CAL: APM (bring Only Connect and Writing Prompts response) & Math Lab.

Welcome to Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics, 2018-19!

Dear students!

Welcome to Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics. We are excited to begin our challenging work together. Important program information is available via the links below:

Sincerely, Brian and Krishna

Please Complete Student Survey by September 21

Please complete our Student Survey by 6pm Friday September 21 so we can read your responses before our first class meeting. You can find the survey by clicking here.

Note: You can’t save your responses in the on-line survey form, so read the questions first, compose your responses in a separate file when needed, then copy and paste into the appropriate space on the form; please use simple formatting. We encourage you to keep a copy of your responses.

First Class Meeting!

Our mandatory first class meeting begins promptly at 10:00 am Monday September 24 in Lab 2 room 1223A (the first floor of the Lab 2 building), which is the Computer Applications Lab (CAL). Registered students who will miss this meeting must contact faculty in advance.

We will have a somewhat non-standard first week of the program. We ask that all students, regardless of which part(s) of the program they’re taking, attend class both in the morning and the afternoon on the Monday and Tuesday of week 1: Monday, 9/24, 10-12 and 1-3, and Tuesday, 9/25, 10-12 and 1:30-3:30.

We are eager to meet those of you we don’t know, welcome back those we have worked with before, and to begin our work together!

-Krishna and Brian