EM Collected Quixams and Week 30 Seminar Reading

  • I’ve collected together all the EM Quixams into a single document (with updates/corrections to questions that were originally flawed); this is available as a paper copy in the front of the Cave on the side table.
  • Wigner’s “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences” is also available for pick up in the front of the Cave on the side table. In a previous discussion, we expressed interest in discussing this paper during our lunch time conversation at our final program potluck/celebration on Thursday June 6. It seems a great way to wrap up our time together.

EM Quixam E8 available for pick up in the Cave

  • Please leave the manila folders with your names on them in the Cave.
  • Folders are on the side table in the Cave.
  • I’ve added your graded EM Quixam E8 along with ungraded E8 revisions and E9 quixams to your folders, for study purposes. Please make sure to return them on submission of the EM Final Exam.
  • A set of labeled orange folders is in the Cave for you to turn back in ungraded CM Quixams and Revisions that were returned to you for study purposes. Please do that on submission of your CM Final Exam.
  • Please alphabetize what you return to the orange folders.
  • Reminder: if the entire Quixam or Revision has been graded, there’s no need to return it.

CM Final Exam!!

Here is the Classical Mechanics Final Exam!

Notes/Clarifications/Corrections: (updated 10:50am 5/30)

  • Remembers to limit your time on the exam to 6 hours total. Those need not be 6 consecutive hours. Exams are due to my office Lab 2 3255 by 5pm Fri. May 31.
  • For Problem 12, the current part f) should be part g). Insert a new part f), and correct as follows: 12f) Determine r0. 12g) Determine the frequency of small oscillations about this circular orbit.
  • For Problem 9, U has a b’, but it should just be b.

CM Quixam C9 available for pick up in the Cave

  • CM Quixam C9 has been graded and is available for you to pick up in the Cave. If you submitted a C9 Revision, that is graded and available for pick up as well.
  • You can find it in the back of the Cave, in the manila folder with your name on it. Please leave the folders.
  • Other materials might be in your folder as well, including (ungraded) EM Quixams and Revisions for study purposes. As was the case with QM, I’ll ask you to return all ungraded CM quixams and revisions (after the CM Exam) and all ungraded EM quixams and revisions (after the EM Exam) to folders that will be left in the cave and labeled.
  • I still have E8 + revision and E9; if I can grade them by Thursday, you’ll get graded assignments back in your folder. If I can’t grade them, then you’ll get back them back ungraded for study purposes (and again, I’ll ask that you return them after the EM Exam).
  • If the quixam or revision has been graded, you should keep it.

CM Exam info

  • A reminder that you can use the inside covers of Griffiths and Taylor for the CM Final Exam. Those are available in the Cave for you to pick up, if you haven’t picked them up already. You should keep them for use on the CM and EM Exams.
  • In addition to the inside covers of Griffiths and Taylor, you are also able to use a personally prepared 8.5 inch by 11 inch note sheet (both sides) that you have prepared prior to starting the CM Exam.
  • The CM Exam will be available at 9am on Thursday May 30. If you are planning to take the exam in person in the Cave on Thursday, please try to let me know in advance so I can have copies on hand. If you decide to take the exam in person and haven’t emailed in advance, that is just fine – there will be a very slight delay as I print an exam copy for you. A reminder that I will provide lunch for those of you who take the exam in person.
  • CM Exams are due to my office Lab 2 3255 (slide under the door) by 5pm Friday May 31.

CM Collected Quixams + Extra Practice Problems

  • Here is a single document that collects together all of the CM Quixam questions (some have been slightly modified to correct mistakes/ambiguities); this document also includes extra practice problems.
  • I’ll provide a paper copy in class on Tuesday afternoon during the CM exam prep workshop, but I’ve made it available now in case you’d like to get started on the extra practice problems.
  • Tuesday afternoon’s CM exam prep session will center around working on practice problems.

Quixam E9

  • EM: Qu¡xam E9 (at home), due Tue. May 28 at 1pm (start of EM Qu¡xam Workshop).
    • Please make sure to have ready your personally prepared 8.5inch by 11inch note sheet prior to downloading this Qu¡xam. In addition to your note sheet, you may also use the inside covers of Griffiths and Taylor.

QM exam, quizzes, PSN/Log submission

  • The QM Exam is due to my office Lab 2 3255 by 5pm Fri. May 24 (please slide it under the door).
  • Please re-submit your QM Quizzes to the Cave as soon as you get a chance. In the Cave, there are a set of labeled folders on the back table. Please sort and place your QM Quizzes accordingly.
  • Please also submit your QM PSN + updated Logs if you need anything checked off. If you have the grader’s or my initials on every winter and spring Log entry, then you are caught up (and good job!).