Zoltán Grossman

Areas of study in human geography
(focused on ethnic nationhood, natural resources, militarism)

Native American and World Indigenous Peoples Studies, Global ethnic relations and nationalism, U.S. racial relations, Crosscultural alliances, Racist/white supremacist and anti-racist movements, Environmental Justice and climate justice, Social movements, Maps and historical cartography, Geopolitics and globalization, Military interventions and military bases network.


Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands, Foreword by Winona LaDuke (University of Washington Press / Indigenous Confluences series, 2017). Interview.
Asserting Native Resilience: Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations Face the Climate Crisis, edited by Zoltan Grossman & Alan Parker; Foreword by Billy Frank Jr. (Oregon State University Press, 2012). Contents. Royalties for both books donated to Seventh Generation Fund.

Wisconsin’s Past and Present: A Historical Atlas, by the Wisconsin Cartographers’ Guild; Introduction by William Cronon (University of Wisconsin Press, 1998, 2nd. ed. 2002)

Evergreen programs (2005-20)

Assigned books & syllabus links

American Frontiers: Homelands and Borderlands (Spring 2020) Core program with María Isabel Morales

Catastrophe: Community Resilience in the Face of Disaster (Winter 2020) Core program with Suree Towfighnia

Student-Originated Studies (SOS): Community Resilience (Fall 2019) internships with Center for Community-Based Learning & Action (CCBLA).

A People’s Geography of American Empire (Fall 2018-Winter 2019)

Aotearoa New Zealand: Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rimwith Kristina Ackley (Fall 2017Winter 2018-Spring 2018) Photos & Videos of class trip to Aotearoa, Feb.-April 2018

Catastrophe: Community Resilience in the Face of Disaster
with Shangrila Joshi  & Kristina Ackley (Spring 2017) Syllabus

Commodities, Conflict, and Cooperation with Savvina Chowdhury & Sarah Williams (Fall 2016-Winter 2017) Website

Hawai’i Research Sabbatical (Spring 2016)

Resource Rebels: Environmental Justice Movements Building Hope with Karen Gaul (Fall 2015-Winter 2016) Fossil Fuel Connections website & Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium & Grays Harbor economic options report

Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim: From the Northwest to New Zealand
with Kristina Ackley (Fall 2014-Spring 2015) Class visit to Aotearoa Feb. 12-Apr. 8, 2015 Photos & Videos & Report

American Frontiers, Homelands, and Empire
with Kristina Ackley (Fall 2013-Winter 2014 & Spring 2014) Fall 2013 syllabusWinter 2014 syllabus

Making Effective Change: Social Movement Organizing and Activism
with Anthony Zaragoza & Lin Nelson (Fall 2012-Spring 2013) Fall syllabus / schedule & Winter syllabus / schedule

Student-Originated Studies (SOS): Revitalizing Community
Spring 2012 internships with Center for Community-Based Learning & Action (CCBLA). Native Cultural Respect Guidelines

Blood and Borders: Tradition & Transformation in Central Europe with Pat Krafcik, Rob Smurr, Marta Botikova (Fall 2011-Winter 2012) Fall 2011 & Winter 2012 syllabi

A People’s Geography of American Empire with Larry Mosqueda (Spring 2011) Spring 2011 syllabus

Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim: From the Northwest to New Zealand with Kristina Ackley (Fall 2010-Winter 2011) Class visit to Aotearoa, Jan. 23 – Feb. 27, 2011 Fall 2010 & Winter 2011 syllabiPhotos/Links Report

American Frontiers: Homelands and Empire with Kristina Ackley (Fall 2009-Spring 2010) Fall 2009Winter 2010 & Spring 2010 syllabi

Food, Place and Culture with Martha Rosemeyer (Spring quarter 2009)

Conceptualizing Native Place with Lara Evans (Fall & Winter syllabi 2008-09) Nisqually watershed podcasts

Colonialism and Decolonization with Zahid Shariff (Spring 2008)

Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim Zoltán Grossman (Winter 2008); with Frances Rains (Fall 2007)

A People’s Geography of American Empire with Larry Mosqueda (Spring 2007)

Political Economy and Social Movements with Pete Bohmer and Tony Zaragoza (Fall & Winter 2006-07) 

Climate Change and Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations Project of the Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute; Graduate research project with Alan Parker (Summer 2006) Project Report (2 MB) and AICRJ article.

Anti-Indian Movements: Origins, Images, & Responses with Kristina Ackley (Spring 2006)

American Frontiers: Critical Histories with Kristina Ackley and Michael Pfeifer(Fall & Winter syllabi 2005-06)

Ph.D. in Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2002),with Minor in American Indian Studies Program (graduate advisor William Cronon; supported by fellowships from the Udall Foundation and U.W. Foundation.)
Presented on educational workshops and panels.
Doctoral dissertation on “Unlikely Alliances: Treaty Conflicts & Environmental Cooperation Between Native American and Rural White Communities,” studied alliances of tribes and local farmers, ranchers, and fishers in the West and Midwest (using a common “place membership” to build cooperation).
Co-Chair of the Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group (IPSG) of the
Association of American Geographers (AAG), 2008-10; Co-recipient of 2014 AAG Enhancing Diversity Award
IPSG Document on Research Ethics Protocols with Indigenous Communities
Bowman Expeditions / México Indígena controversy
Geography brochure for Native students
Senior Research Associate,
Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute (NIARI, to 2012);
Member, Native American & Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA)


Student Internships & Service Learning
G.I. Voice / Coffee Strong (Several Interns)
ASARCO Project (Alex Becker)
Bridges Not Walls (Josh Elliot)
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Jesse Strauss)
Center for Interior Salish (Jake LaMere / Grahm Wiley Parkin)
Qwu?gwes Mud Bay Archeological Site (Satori Stratton)
Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute (Jamie Bown)
Life on the Duwamish Radio Project (Peder Nelson)
Left Foot Organics (Amelia Gross / Krissy Fisher)
Sound Learning (Liam Shramko)
All Together Farming (Matt Lane)
Student Research Examples
Economic Options for Grays Harbor (Resource Rebels)
Fossil Fuel Connections (Resource Rebels)
Study Abroad in New Zealand (Native Decolonization)
Climate Change at Quileute and Hoh (Chelsie Papiez MES Thesis)
Nisqually Watershed Podcasts (Conceptualizing Native Place students)
Spatial Reclamation Project (Christina Shimizu / Collin Smith)
Solutions to Global Warming (Gar Lipow)

Assistant Professor of Geography
and American Indian Studies,
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (2002-05)
Courses & lecture links in Wisconsin:
Native Geographies
(Nations links & Mapping links)
Human Geography & Globalization
Geography of Russia & Eastern Europe
(Map links)
International Environmental Problems & Policy
(Class website projects : Water privatization,
Iraq & Our Energy Future, Tsunami)
Faculty/Student Research Collaboration in Wisconsin:
Somali Immigrants in Small Midwestern Communities
Native American Sustainable Agriculture in Wisconsin
Interethnic Relations among Wisconsin Neighbors

Community service
Co-founder of Midwest Treaty Network to support WI Ojibwe spearfishers attacked for exercising their treaty rights, and then to bring together the tribes and white sportfishing groups to protect the fish from mining projects, 1989-2005. Active in Black Hills Alliance against uranium mining in SD, 1978-80. Support for Standing Rock blockade of oil pipeline, 2016.

Board member of GI Voice & its Coffee Strong resource center by Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA, 2008-14

Other education & organizing around Native, environmental, peace and social justice issues. Hosted radio talk shows.

Professional cartographer and map editor since 1987.
Chief editor of Wisconsin’s Past and Present: A Historical Atlas (U.W. Press, 1998), and Mapping Wisconsin History (State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 2000), by the Wisconsin Cartographers’ Guild.
Sample: Wisconsin Labor & Progressive histories
Master’s Thesis on development of the Atlas (1998).
Maps published in numerous books and journals. Map of fossil fuel ports
Lecturer on Map Reading and Interpretation, U.W.-Madison

Selected on-line articles and presentations
Native American / Environmental Justice / U.S. Racism
Articles & chapters:
Unlikely Alliances interview
Cowboy Indian Alliances & History
Cross-cultural Populism
Idle No More & Unlikely Alliances & Standing Rock
Fascism Denial
Climate Change and Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations
Indigenous Nations’ Responses to Climate Change 
Oil drilling opposition in New Zealand
Native Renaissance of Washington’s Tribal Nations
Native Cultural Respect Guidelines
Ports: Achilles Heel of the Fossil Fuels Monster & Map
Decolonizing Landscapes
When Hate Groups Come to Town: Anti-Indian Organizing
Native and Environmental Movements
Native/non-Native Alliances Against Mining Companies
Crandon Mine Victory Won by a Historic Alliance
Wisconsin treaty rights conflict
From Enemies to Allies
Environmental Justice & White Racial Advantages
Native American “Invasion” of Europe
Grassroots Organizing in the New Corporate Era
Blue Line March marks Olympia climate change shoreline
Powerpoints (use with attribution):
Unlikely Alliances (dissertation)
Intersections between Indigenous & Immigrant Geographies
Fascist Movements
Reindigenizing Place Names
Native Environmental Justice
Climate Change and Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations
The Resilience Doctrine (& video)
What is the Anthropocene (video) 
Colonial & Community Solutions to the Climate Crisis
The Achilles Heel of the Fossil Fuel Monster
Revitalizing Native Traditions
Sacred Site Protection
Removal Reversed
Anti-Indianism & Anti-Semitism
Relations between Left & Indigenous Movements
Manifest Destiny & Overseas Imperialism
Nisqually Nation and Fort Lewis
Indigenous Cartographies & Countermapping
Peace / Geopolitics
Recent articles:
U.S. Military Interventions from Wounded Knee to Syria
War in Syria
New U.S. Military Bases as Causes of War (& quotes,interview)
War at Home Meets the Wars Abroad
EU Refugee Crisis in Hungary 
Hungarian Model for Trump
Ukraine and the Far Right
The Global War on Tribes
Biochemical Weapons History
Kosovo Precedent for Syria?
Rise of the Planet of the People
Libya for the Libyans
Why Kosovo but not Palestine?
Afghanistan: Roach Motel of Empires
Wisconsin Rebellion & Singing
Real Fascists in Our Midst

Port Protests in Olympia (Photos & discussion)
Problems with “Humanitarian Interventions”
“Korea Model” for an Endless Occupation of Iraq
The Peace Movement and the Military Community
U.S. Antiwar Movement Activism and Organizing
History of Military Resistance GI coffeehouse
Remember the ’80s social movements
Khuzestan: First Front in the War on Iran? (& map)
New Challenges for the Peace Movement
Occupation Fails to Capture Iraqis’ Loyalty, Prevent Civil War
The Perils of Occupation: Easier the Victory, Harder the Peace
The Next Stage: A New War Against Saddam’s Opponents
Dispatch from Main Street: Hearts & Minds in the Heartland
“Spam Scam” from George W. Bush (in New York Times)
Chernobyl & anti-nuclear movements

Past articles:
CaucasusCanadaSomaliaL.A., SuperpowersPlace names
Powerpoints (use with attribution):
Global Network of U.S. Military Bases
History of U.S. Military Interventions
Fascist movements
Global War on Tribes
Panama Canal Zone bases
The U.S. Antiwar Movement & Port protests
Manifest Destiny & Overseas Imperialism
A People’s Geography of American Empire
Afghanistan: Roach Motel of Empires
Pomegranates and Grenades poem
The Wars in Iraq A War with Iran?
Global Geopolitics
Somali Immigrants in the Rural Midwest
Nationalism in Eastern Europe & ex-USSR & Ukraine
Environmental issues in former Soviet bloc
Environmental effects of warfarenuclear & fossil fuels
MORE Writings / Presentations / Interviews on Ethnic Relations & Geopolitics

Favorite people, musicians, places.
My YouTube videos & favorites
Links on geography, mapping, globalization, environment.
Letter to Midwestern friends/family (with Washington photos)
Letter to University of Wisconsin colleagues
City of Olympia
Washington festivals

Evergreen links
The Evergreen State College
United Faculty of Evergreen
Native American Studies programs:
Native American and World Indigenous Peoples Studies
Longhouse Education and Cultural Center
Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute
Reservation-Based, Community Determined Program
Master of Public Administration – Tribal Governance