1. Books and Publications
2. Chapters in Books or Book Reviews
3. Selected Articles on Peace and Global Issues
4. Selected Articles on Indigenous, Environmental, U.S. Racism Issues


2017 Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands, by Zoltán Grossman; Foreword by Winona LaDuke (Seattle: University of Washington Press / Indigenous Confluences series). 

2012 Asserting Native Resilience: Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations Face the Climate Crisis, edited by Zoltan Grossman & Alan Parker; Foreword by Billy Frank Jr. Corvallis, Ore.: Oregon State University Press. Contents. The anthology is an initiative of First Peoples: New Directions in Native Studies collaboration of four university presses. Book Review

2012 Guidelines for Working with Native Communities, used for Evergreen interns for Tribal Canoe Journey preparations

2010 Declaration of Key Questions about Research Ethics with Indigenous Communities. Co-authored with the Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). 

2007 Possible Climate Change Responses for the United League of Indigenous Nations report on the Indigenous Nations Treaty website. 

2007 Report of the Citizens’ Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq, The Evergreen State College, Tacoma, Wash. Report (64 pages; 32 MB pdf) 

2006 Climate Change and Pacific Rim Indigenous Peoples report published by the Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Wash. Report (81 pages; 2 MB pdf) 

2006. “A Century of U.S. Military Interventions: From Wounded Knee to Iraq,” in U.S. History Uncensored: What Your High School Textbook Didn’t Tell You by Carolyn Baker 

2002 University of Wisconsin Geography doctoral dissertation on Unlikely Alliances: Treaty Conflicts and Environmental Cooperation Between Native American and Rural White Communities, studied alliances of tribes and local farmers, ranchers, and fishers in the western and midwestern United States since the 1970s.Graduate advisor: Dr. William Cronon. 

2000 Mapping Wisconsin History teacher’s guide accompanying Wisconsin’s Past and Present, with color and B&W transparencies. Co-authored by Wisconsin Cartographers’ Guild and State Historical Society Wisconsin Office of School Services. Wrote all text first drafts, and edited all maps. 

1998 (Reprinted 2002) Wisconsin’s Past and Present: A Historical Atlas by the Wisconsin Cartographers’ Guild. Introduction by William Cronon. Three printings of 5,000 each by the University of Wisconsin. Served on the project as chief editor and one of six authors/cartographers. Number one bestseller in U.S. academic libraries, February 1999 (per Baker & Taylor). Winner of the 1999 State Historical Society Book Award of Merit.Master’s Thesis on development of the Atlas (1998). Samples: Wisconsin Labor & Progressive histories, African American history & 1960s 

1991 Wisconsin Treaties: What’s the Problem? by the Midwest Treaty Network, Madison, Booklet co-authored with Cathy Debevec. 1990-96 The Mapping Specialist, national newsletter of Mapping Specialists, Ltd., Madison, Served as Chief Editor, wrote regular “Geowatch” news column. 

1987-90 Wisconsin Commonwealth, Madison. Newspaper of the Labor-Farm Party of Wisconsin. Chief Editor; wrote reports on racism and environmental issues. 

1986-87 World Newsmaps of the Week and Newsmaps of U.S. History, with accompanying teachers’ guides.Served as assistant editor of Newsmap project at General Learning Corporation, Northbrook, Illinois. 

1983 Relations Between the Left and Indigenous Peoples(unpublished manuscript, from Directed Studies with University of Wisconsin-Madison History Professor Steve Stern).

 1981 Threats to Wisconsin Communities, by PURE/WAGER. Co-edited booklet and authored articles.

2. CHAPTERS IN BOOKS or Book Reviews

2019  “Native/Non-Native Alliances: Challenging Fossil Fuel Industry Shipping at Pacific Northwest Ports,” In Environmental Activism on the Ground: Small Green and Indigenous Organizing, Eds., Jonathan Clapperton & Liza Piper (University of Calgary Press).

2018  “Māori Opposition to Fossil Fuel Extraction in Aotearoa New Zealand” in Racial Ecologies, Nishime, Leilani, and Kim D. Hester Williams, eds. (University of Washington Press).

2017 Book review of Nicholas Zaferatos’s Planning the American Indian Reservation: From Theory to Empowerment, in Geographical Review

2016 Book review of David Vine’s Base Nation, in Monthly Review 

2014 “The Fish Helped to Bring People Together: An Interview with Zoltán Grossman,” in Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States & American Indian Nations, Harjo, Suzan, ed. (Smithsonian Books). 

2009 Book review of The Bases of Empire: The Global Struggle against U.S. Military Posts(Catherine Lutz, ed.), in Global Dialogue (11), Centre for Global Dialogue, Cyprus (Winter/Spring). 

2008 Book review of Paradigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance to Globalization (J. Mander and V. Tauli-Corpuz, eds.), in Environmental Practice (June). 

2007  “Native Americans,” chapter with Kate A. Berry and HoMana Pawiki, in Contemporary Ethnic Geographies in America, Ines M. Miyares and Christopher A. Airriess, eds. (Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield). 

2007 “Anti-Indian Movements,” entry in Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, (Farmington Hills, Mich.: Thomson Gale / Macmillan Reference USA). 

2007 “Somali Immigrant Settlement in Small Midwestern U.S. Communities: The Case of Barron, Wis.,” chapter with Jessica Schaid in From Mogadishu to Dixon: The Somali Diaspora in a Global Context, Abdi Kusow and Stephanie Bjørk, eds. (Lawrenceville, N.J.: Africa World Press/The Red Sea Press). 

2005 “Many Gaming Opponents are Biased” chapter with Debra McNutt in Indian Gaming: At Issue social issues series (Farmington Hills, Mich.: Greenhaven Press). 

2004 “Defending a Common Home: Native/non-Native Alliances Against Mining Companies in Wisconsin,” chapter with Dr. Al Gedicks in In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Civil Society, & the Environment. (London: Zed Press).(Map) 

2003 “From Enemies to Allies,” with Debra McNutt, in Multiracial Formations: New Instruments for Social Change Gary Delgado, ed. (Oakland, Calif: Applied Research Center). 

2002 “What to Watch for in Afghanistan.” chapter in September 11 and the U.S. War: Beyond the Curtain of Smoke . Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke, eds. (San Francisco: City Lights Publishers). Translation:Japanese Turkish 

2001 “Let’s Not Create Evilness for This River: Interethnic Environmental Alliances of Native Americans and Rural Whites in Northern Wisconsin.” chapter in Forging Radical Alliances Across Difference: Coalition Politics for the New Millennium. Jill M. Bystydzienski & Steven P. Schacht, eds. (Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield). 

2001 Book review of Concise Historical Atlas of Canada in Annals of the Association of American Geographers (March). 

2000 Book review of Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit, on Menominee forestry.Wisconsin Magazine of History. 

1994 “The Breakup Signals the End of America’s World Leadership.” chapter in The Breakup of the Soviet Union: Opposing Viewpoints. David Bender and Bruno Leone, eds. San Diego: Greenhaven Press. 

1992 “Indian Issues and Anti-Indian Organizing.,” chapter in When Hate Groups Come to Town: A Handbook of Effective Community Responses.(Atlanta: Center for Democratic Renewal). Also reprinted in Defending Justice: An Activist Resource Kit, Palak Shah, ed. (Somerville, Mass.: Political Research Associates, 2005). 

1990 Place name changes list in The New York Times (December 31). Subject of 1991 Calvin Trillin column, published in his book Too Soon to Tell 

1980 “Introduction.” In Black Hills International Survival Gathering booklet. (Rapid City, S.D.: Black Hills Alliance).


2018 A Century of U.S. Military Interventions: From Wounded Knee to Syria. Versions of list on Zmag.org, Neravt.com, many other websites, and The Veteran(VVAW). Translations of list: Spanish French Turkish Italian Chinese Greek Russian Czech Tamil Portuguese Ukrainian Finnish Video of Seattle FoR presentation (2012) Veterans for Peace Hour on Thurston County TV (2009) Pacifica radio interview (2003) Powerpoint on U.S. interventions since 1890. (Turkish newspaper urges U.S.be listed in Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Interventions.)

2016   Stop the Next President from Waging the Next War (Syria), on Counterpunch

2015 The Kindness of Strangers: The Refugees in Hungary and my Father’s WWII Refugee Story, on CommonDreams, Z, Portside. Translation: Italian

2015 The Global War on Tribes: Return to “Indian Country” on Counterpunch and in Z magazine (June 2010), Indian Country Today (Feb. 2015) Interview TranslationSpanish

2014 The War at Home Meets the Wars Abroad, on Counterpunch, Z 

2014 Ukraine: The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Always Your Friend, on Counterpunch, Tikkun, Portside Z. Interviews: Talk Nation Radio & KPFA Flashpoints(3/13/14), KPFK Sojourner Truth (3/18/14, 13:30) Critique in New York Times. Translations in Finnish, Russian 

2013 The Pot Calling the Kettle Black: A Short History of Bio-Chemical Weapons on Z, Counterpunch. Translations: Turkish, Portuguese 

2013 Why Kosovo Is (and Isn’t) a Precedent for Syria, in Z, Counterpunch. Translation: Greek 

2013 I Was Arrested at the Wisconsin State Capitol for Singing, on Worley Dervish

2011 Rise of the Planet of the People (about Occupy movement) on Common Dreams, Z

2011 Why Kosovo but not Palestine? on Al Jazeera, Counterpunch, Z. Translations: Spanish Serbian Bosnian Polish Turkish

2011 Libya for the Libyans on Common Dreams, Counterpunch

2011 Why Wisconsin? How history set the stage for rebellion, on ZNet, Portside 

2011 Real Fascists in Our Midst: What if the Tucson shooter had been a Muslim? in Z Magazine

2009 Afghanistan: Roach Motel of Empires, on Counterpunch, ZNet, AfterDowningStreet Interview on This is Hell (WNUR, 12/5/09) Translation: Turkish

2009 Coffee Strong: Listening to the G.I. Voice at Fort Lewis on Counterpunch, Zmag.org, Portside, AfterDowningStreet

2008 Biden’s Wars: A Guide to So-Called “Humanitarian Interventions” in Z magazine, on Zmag.org,.

2008 “Remember the ’80s: Social Movements between Woodstock and the Web” in Z magazine, on Zmag.org, Counterpunch.org, AfterDowningStreet.org, others.Translation: Italian

2007 An Endless Occupation? Iraq Bases and the “Korea Model”, on Counterpunch.org, others. Interview (RealAudio) on “Between the Lines” (9/28/07) Interview (Podcast) on WUSB (8/13/07) Interview (Real Audio) on KPOJ (9/25/07) Interview on Iran Radio (8/13/07) Quotes in Christian Science Monitor and The Independent

2007 “Reflections on the Port Protests in Olympia”, in Works in Progress (Discussion with photos and video links)

2007 “Speaking Different Languages: How the Peace Movement Works with the Military Community,” on Portside and Zmag.org, others.

2006. “Getting Local and Keeping Positive in the Antiwar Movement, on Counterpunch.org and Zmag.org, others.

2006 “A Brief History of U.S. Military Resistance” on ThankYouLT.org, Counterpunch.org, Zmag.org, CriticalConcern.com, OMJP.org. Translations: German Danish

2006. “New Challenges for the Peace Movement in 2006,” on Counterpunch.org and Zmag.org.

2005 “Khuzestan: First Front in the War on Iran?, ” in Zmagazine (Jan.) & ZMag.org, with map and powerpoint Translation: Danish Persian

2003 “Occupation Fails to ‘Capture’ Iraqis’ Loyalty, Prevent Civil War” on Counterpunch.org and Zmag.org(Predicted Saddam’s capture would intensify insurgency.)

2003 “The Perils of Occupation: The Easier the Victory, the Harder the Peace” on OutlookIndia.com, Zmag.org, IraqWar.Ru, and Counterpunch.org.(Predicted Iraqi Shi’ite insurgency.)Translations: Turkish Interview on Pacifica Radio’s Peace Watch, June 10, 2003.

2003 “The Next Stage: How the U.S. prevented Iraqis from ousting Saddam, and why the next battle may be against his opponents” in Z magazine and on Counterpunch.org and Zmag.orgTranslations of article: Spanish Korean(Predicted that U.S. would turn against Iraqi Shi’ites.) PowerPoint on background of Iraq War.

2003 Urgent Assistance Needed by USA, from George Walker Bush (spoof based on “Nigerian Scam” e-mails)New York Times’ two articles on parody. Article in Dutch.

2003 “Dispatch from Main Street: Winning Hearts and Minds in the Heartland,” on CommonDreams.orgZmag.org, and Independent Politics News. Translation of excerpt: Italian (Looked at growing rural peace movement).

2003 Iraq & Our Energy Future class website in Spring semester of Geography 378 (International Environmental Problems & Policy). Article on website.

2003 “Was General Clark Also “Unprepared” for the Postwar?” on CommonDreams.org, Counterpunch.org, and ZMag.org (Examined Clark’s record during and after Kosovo war.) Democracy Now interview (/18/03)

2002 “New US Military Bases: Side Effects Or Causes Of War?” in Zmag.org, Counterpunch.org, and other websites.Powerpoint on bases in Iraq, Somali, Yugoslav, Afghan wars. Translations: Spanish Korean Japanese Italian Finnish Bengali and Interview (RealAudio) on Pacifica Radio (6/10/03) Presentation covered in Draft Notices.


2002 Caspian Basin Oil class website in Fall semester of Geography 378 (International Environmental Problems & Policy). Article on website. 

2002 “What to Watch for in Afghanistan.” In September 11 and the U.S. War: Beyond the Curtain of Smoke. Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke, eds. San Francisco: City Lights Publishers. Also on Counterpunch.org, and OutlookIndia.com. Translations: Japanese Turkish 

2001. “A Briefing on the History of U.S. Interventions,” on Znet.org, other websites. Translations:  Georgian Italian Polish Danish

2001 WORT call-in radio programs with Ahmed Rashidin Pakistan and Robert Fisk in Lebanon.

2001 “Afghanistan is not simply like Vietnam.” Madison Times, Badger Herald, Indymedia.

1999 “Kosovo, Apaches, and Ethnic Cleansing,” in The Circle (Minneapolis), Zmag.org, Synthesis/Regeneration.

1999 “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: A Cartographer’s View of the Yugoslav War.” Wisconsin State Journal andWsws.org 

1997 “Packerland as Fatherland.” satire on the Nationalism Project website.

1993-95 “War in the Caucasus,” review of southern Russia, Chechnya, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, in Wisconsin State Journal (Madison), Nonviolent Activist (New York), and Zmagazine (Boston).

1993 “Bosnia: Taking Sides is not Peacekeeping,” in Heartland (Chicago) and The Edge (Madison).

1992 “Sarajevo and Los Angeles: A Tale of Two Cities,” inPSN News (Washington) and The Edge (Madison).

1992 Somalia conflict, in The Edge (Madison).

1991 “The Geopolitics of the New Superpowers,” in Forward Motion (Boston), and The Edge (Madison).

1990-91 Persian Gulf Crisis, in Z magazine (Boston), The Guardian (New York), Shepherd Express (Milwaukee),Forward Motion (Boston), The Edge (Madison).(Predicted Gulf War Syndrome, during January 1991 war.)

1987-91 Draft Counseling in the Gulf War, published in Zmagazine when served as national associate director of the Committee Against Registration and the Draft (CARD), Madison, Wis. Produced national newsletter The Antidraft. 

1986 “Inside the Philippine Resistance,” in Race and Class (London).

1985 Philippine nuclear power issues and labor movement, in Chicago Sun-Times (Chicago), Peace News (London),The Progressive (Madison), The Guardian (New York),Science for the People (Boston), Heartland (Chicago),Daily Cardinal (Madison).

1983 GI outreach by the European anti-nuclear movement, in Race Today (London), Peace News (London), The Guardian (New York), and Walking Point (California).

1983 Conflicts in Lebanon, Grenada, and Central America, in Daily Cardinal (Madison).

1983 Relations Between the Left and Indigenous Peoples(unpublished manuscript, from Directed Studies with University of Wisconsin-Madison History Professor Steve Stern).

1982-86 The Soviet nuclear program and Chernobyl, in In These Times (Chicago), Heartland (Chicago ), Northern Sun News (Minneapolis), Keep It In the Ground(Amsterdam).

1982 Interview with Mapuche leader Nilo Cayuqueo(JSTOR) on Indigenous peoples and the Left, in Latin American Perspectives (Berkeley), Native Peoples News(London), and Akwesasne Notes (Mohawk Nation). 

1981 Project ELF naval antenna, in Northern Sun News(Minneapolis), The Guardian

1981 South African nuclear program, in Milwaukee Courier (Wisconsin), Northern Sun News (Minneapolis),North Country Anvil (Minnesota), and Daily Cardinal(Madison).


2018  Trump Following Hungarian Model in Demonizing Refugees and Jews, on Counterpunch. Translation: Italian

2018  Fascism Denial Ignores Some Inconvenient Truths, on Z, Counterpunch.

2017  Olympia fracking train blockade hits again, on Z, Counterpunch.

2017  Another Side of The Evergreen State College Story, with Anne Fischel & Lin Nelson, on Huffington Post. Report on 6/15 far-right rally.

2017  Fusing Identity and Class Politics in “Trumpland,” on CommonDreams, Counterpunch, Z, Portside

2016  Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota, with Winona LaDuke & Col. Ann Wright (Ret.), on Indian Country Today, Indianz.com, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Z,etc. 

2016  Where are the Cowboys in the Standing Rock standoff?, on Counterpunch, Z, Indianz.com

2016  To Get to You, He Must Go Through Us (on Trump), Indian Country Today op-ed

2016  Quinault Nation Builds Bridge to Stop Grays Harbor Oil Terminal, in Works in Progress

2014 The Cowboy Indian Alliance Rises to Protect Our Common Land and Water, on Common Dreams, Indianz, Native News Today, Z, Counterpunch, Portside (Interview by Winona LaDuke)

2014 “Decolonizing Landscapes: Unlikely Alliances Grow Resilience at the Grassroots,” in Weaving Indigenous and Sustainability Sciences: in Diversifying our Methods (WIS2DOM) Workshop Report to National Science Foundation (NSF), pp. 52-55. 

2013 Unlikely Alliances: Idle No More and Building Bridges Through Native Sovereignty, on Z, Counterpunch, Unsettling America, Portside

2012 The Achilles Heel of the Fossil Fuels Monster in Works in Progress, South Sound Green Pages Map of fossil fuel ports Interview: Black Sheep podcast (7/29/13) Port of Olympia ties to oil fracking, Op-ed in The Olympian (11/23).

2012 No Longer the Miner’s Canary: Indigenous Nations’ Responses to Climate Change, onTerrain.org

2012 “Guidelines for Working with Native Communities,” used for Evergreen interns for Tribal Canoe Journey preparations

2010 Declaration of Key Questions about Research Ethics with Indigenous Communities. Co-authored with the Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (AAG).

2010 The Native Renaissance of Washington’s Tribal Nations, Association of American Geographers (AAG) Newsletter (Nov.)

2008 “Indigenous Nations Responses to Climate Change” article in American Indian Culture and Research Journal (AICRJ) Vol. 32, No. 3.

2005 “Unlikely Alliances: Treaty Conflicts and Environmental Cooperation Between Native American and Rural White Communities,” article in American Indian Culture and Research Journal(AICRJ) Vol. 29, No. 4.

2004 “Fitting the ‘Rez’ Into Race.” Forum commentary for Past Place, newsletter of the Historical Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (AAG).Adobe Acrobat document

2004 Letter to editor on Sawyer County WI hunter shootings and generalizations about Hmong citizens.

2004 Water is Life class website of Geography 378 (International Environmental Problems & Policy), University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

2004 “Class Websites Contribute to Global Environmental Awareness,” in Teaching with Technology Today (University of Wisconsin System magazine).

2003 “Crandon mine victory won by a historic alliance,” with Debra McNutt in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (Nov. 2), Wisconsin State Journal, Ojibwe Akiing, Earth First, and other websites and newspapers.

2003 “Indian-bashing: A new pastime in ‘tolerant’ Madison?” with Debra McNutt in Wisconsin State Journal (Dec. 29), Isthmus, American Jewish World.

2003 “Cowboy and Indian Alliances in the Northern Plains.” Agricultural History (Spring).

2002 “Effects of White Racial Advantages in Environmental Alliances,” on Wisconsin Ho-Chunk/farmer alliances against low-level jet flights, bombing range, and Perrier, at Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual conference, Los Angeles; published in Wisconsin Geographer and Udall Foundation Collection of Essays.

2001 Wisconsin’s Native/non-Native anti-mining alliance, with Dr. Al Gedicks in Cultural Survival Quarterly.

2001 “From Enemies to Allies: Native Americans and Whites Join Forces in Wisconsin,” with Debra McNutt, in ColorLines. Excerpted in Multiracial Formations: New Instruments for Social Change Gary Delgado, ed. (Oakland, Calif. : Applied Research Center, 2003).

2001 “Hunters, animal rights activists share a common love: nature.” Wisconsin State Journal column (Apr. 7).

2001 “Place membership” in ethnic conflict management: the case of Native Americans and white ranchers/farmers, on rural environmental alliances in Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota, at Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual conference, New York.

2000 “Geographies of Inclusion: Interethnic Alliances for Environmental Protection,” on Wisconsin spearfishing and mining disputes, at Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual conference, Pittsburgh. Winner of AAG American Indian Speciality Group student paper competition; published in The North American Geographer.

2000 Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit book review on Menominee forestry.Wisconsin Magazine of History.

2000 New Brunswick Mi’kmaq treaty fishing dispute: Lessons from Wisconsin. Toronto Globe and Mail (Sept. 14), with Andrew Gokee and Debra McNutt.

1999 “Kosovo, Apaches, and Ethnic Cleansing,” inThe Circle (Minneapolis), Zmag.org, Synthesis/Regeneration.

1998 “Grassroots Organizing in the New Corporate Era,” in People’s News Service (Denmark).

1996 “Chippewa Blockade Acid Shipments,” in The Progressive (Madison). 

1995 “Native and Environmental Movements,” in magazine (Boston).

1995 “Tailing Exxon and Rio Algom” with Dr. Al Gedicks, in Multinational Monitor

1995 Militias and the Oklahoma City bombing, in Madison Times (Wisconsin).

1992 “Letter from a European Rights Activist,” speculative fiction on Native American invasion of Europe, in Report on the Americas (Washington), Akwesasne Notes (Mohawk Nation), News From Indian Country (Wisconsin), Northern Sun News(Minneapolis), Peace News (London)Translations: German Spanish Russian.

1992 “Sarajevo and Los Angeles: A Tale of Two Cities,” in PSN News (Washington) and The Edge (Madison).

1991-2002 Wisconsin mining reports, in News From Indian Country (Wisconsin), Masinaigan(Wisconsin), Shepherd Express (Milwaukee), The Guardian (New York), Milwaukee Business Journal.Translations: Spanish and German.

1989-91 Chippewa treaty rights issues, in Zmagazine (Boston), Pogrom (Germany), Coyote(Germany), Teepee (Italy), Svoboda (Russia),Sojourners (Washington) The Guardian (New York), Forward Motion (Boston), Heartland (Chicago), Northern Sun News (Minneapolis), Masinaigan (Wisconsin), The Circle (Minneapolis),News From Indian Country (Wisconsin), and Against the Current (Detroit).

1986 “Inside the Philippine Resistance,” in Race and Class (London).

1983 Relations Between the Left and Indigenous Peoples (unpublished manuscript, from Directed Studies with University of Wisconsin-Madison History Professor Steve Stern).

1982-84 Nuclear issues and Native American issues, in Daily Cardinal (Madison).

1982 Milwaukee Police and the Black Community, in WIN magazine (New York).

1982 Interview with Mapuche leader Nilo Cayuqueo (JSTOR) on Indigenous peoples and the Left, in Latin American Perspectives (Berkeley), Native Peoples News (London), and Akwesasne Notes(Mohawk Nation). 

1979 Black Hills issues, in World Information Service on Energy (Amsterdam), Native Peoples News (London)

1978 Reports on Native American issues and Minnesota powerline, in Metro Student News (Minneapolis).