Faculty Notes | Mukti Khanna | 2022-2023

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Mukti Khanna presented polyvagal applications of Touch Drawing with co- presenters Deborah Koff -Chapin and Susan Arnsten -Russell in workshops entitled “Touch Drawing for Clinicians: Opening the Way for Insight and Healing” thought the Expressive Therapies Summit for therapists nationally and internationally. https://www.expressivetherapiessummit.com/about. Mukti Khanna has previously trained psychotherapists from Russia and Ukraine in Touch Drawing in 2012 following the International Festival of Practical Psychology held in Moscow.

Mukti Khanna has completed the Advanced Training in Mind-Body Medicine with the global Center for Mindbody Medicine and will be incorporating this model into 2023- 2024 curricular offerings. The evidence -based model is being used by global communities to heal population-wide trauma and build resilience. https://cmbm.org/

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