Faculty Notes | Erik Thuesen | 2022-2023

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Erik Thuesen is a co-author with collaborators around the Pacific Rim including a recent MES grad, Tiffany Bachtel, on a paper examining molecular and morphological diversity of a hydrozoan genus, Botrynema. Montenegro J, Collins AG, Hopcroft RR, Questel JM, Thuesen EV, Bachtel TS, Bergman LA, Sangekar MN, Drazen JC and Lindsay DJ (2023) Heterogeneity in diagnostic characters across ecoregions: A case study with Botrynema (Hydrozoa: Trachylina: Halicreatidae). Frontiers in Marine Science 9:1101699. A video of Botrynema brucei can be seen at https://www.instagram.com/p/CLHvKKKDaJk/

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