Student Support & Resources

The resources in this section can serve students in a variety of ways—from helping them connect with mentors who reflect their personal identities, abilities, or experiences to finding something amazing to do on a Saturday night. There are also some key resources that will help them with planning the steps they will take and accommodations they will need to achieve the education that works for them.

The below student support services and resources are taken from the New Student Handbook and Degree Planning Guide.

Academic Advising

Meet with an advisor to choose the best programs and courses for your goals, to plan internships and individual study, and to explore career and graduate school paths. Explore your options, plan your pathway, and prepare for life after Evergreen.

Academic Deans

The Academic Deans evaluate faculty members, review student contracts, work with other offices to support teaching and learning at the college, and assist students in addressing:
– Concerns about a faculty member.
– Concerns about credit award/evaluation.
– If accommodations and needs have not been met by faculty and staff, (accommodations regarding disabilities are stewarded by Access Services).
– The status of your academic standing, a required leave of absence, re-entry plans.

Access Services for Students with Disabilities

We can help identify the educational aids, services, and accommodations you may need, including accessible parking, alternate media and testing, Assistive Technology Lab, books on tape, note takers, counseling referrals, sign language interpreters, and tutorial assistance.

Call (360) 867-6348 / TTY: (360) 867-6834.

The Bus: Ride for Free

Intercity Transit

You can ride Intercity Transit for free. Show your student ID with a validation sticker for the current quarter (from Registration & Records). Not valid on express routes. When is the bus coming? Find links to the main routes at While you’re there download the One Bus Away app for your phone.

Career Advising

Know what career you want? Great! We can help you find internships and think about the skills you should be building to make you an outstanding candidate. No idea where you’re headed? Great! We can help you explore your interests, values, life goals, and abilities to start understanding how those align with various career pathways. Heading to grad school next? Great! We can help you research grad schools and prepare a strong application statement. Come in as a first-year student, as a graduating senior, or even as an alum! Career advisors can help you:

– Prepare professional documents (resume, cover letters, graduate school statements).
– Create a professional LinkedIn profile.
– Understand job search tools and strategies.
– Prepare for interviews, including practicing mock interviews.

Center for Community-Based Learning & Action (CCBLA)

CCBLA links you with organizations working on a wide range of issues and can help you find a community-based internship that fits your interests. Gain real life experience and put the theories you learn at Evergreen into practice. Be a tutor, grantwriter, or organizer. Learn how to earn tuition awards through AmeriCorps. Check out the Community Opportunities Database (CODA) online or make an appointment with CCBLA staff. Make sure you look at our recent newsletter link!

Dining Services

Students, faculty, and staff can use their meal plans to purchase hot foods, meals to go, and groceries at these campus Dining Services locations, Sustainable, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary choices available.

Check the website for hours as they fluctuate depending on the time of year, many are located in the College Activities Building (CAB).

Free Food on campus: Evergreen’s Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) Basic Needs Center operates a food pantry.

Emergency Preparedness

Be ready now so you’ll be safe later. Check out all of Evergreen’s emergency procedures and policies so that you can be prepared for specific situations such as: inclement weather, active shooter, earthquake, influenza or other illness outbreaks, and more. We also announce emergencies on local TV and radio stations, the college website, and a recorded message on the main phone line (360) 867-6000.

Text & Email Alerts
Sign up for e2campus (or Omnilert) to receive free notifications via text message or email of delays, closures or other emergencies. (Text or data charges from your carrier may apply).

In An Emergency Call 9-1-1 Check for updates:
– On the homepage at
– On KAOS 89.3 FM
– Call the college’s main phone number for a recorded announcement: (360) 867-6000
– Call Police Services: (360) 867-6832

Evacuation Routes
Be familiar with the designated evacuation routes for building(s) you enter. Evacuation route maps are posted on every floor.

People with Disabilities
If you have a disability and will need extra assistance in an emergency, you are responsible for developing an individual evacuation plan through Access Services. You must share it with Emergency Response Teams and with the people around you.

Learn more at

Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you don’t have the necessary financial resources to accomplish your educational goals, we provide counseling and assistance. The types of aid you may be eligible to receive include:

– Grants
– Loans
– Scholarships
– Tuition waivers
– Work study

Every year complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at to be eligible for grants, loans, or work study. To get the most aid possible, submit your FAFSA at least 3–5 business days before the priority deadline of February 1 to allow for processing by the Department of Education. Students who are unable to complete the FAFSA and who meet certain residency requirements may qualify for aid by submitting a Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) at

Financial Services

Student Accounts
We prepare and distribute monthly billing statements including tuition, housing, meal plans, library and parking fines, and other fees. We prepare the 1098-T form. We also assist students who have third-party sponsors or yearly prepayment plans. Tuition and fees are due on the fifth day of each quarter. If you have an outstanding balance over 30 days past due, you won’t be able to register. Log in to and go to Web Payment to see your statements and, if needed, add your parent’s or guardian’s information so they can also receive billing notifications and make payments to your student account.

Located on the first floor of the library building, we handle cash and debit card payments (for balances due on your student account) and distribute payroll checks, some excess financial aid funds, and short-term loans.

First Peoples Multicultural, Trans, & Queer Support Services

We provide comprehensive academic, career, cultural, social, and personal support as well as community building and educational events from a cultural wealth and empowerment perspective for students of color and LGBTQ+ students.

– Join in fun events and activities.
– Receive peer and professional support.
– Develop skills for advocacy and allyship.
– Have space for discovering your identity.
– Get help from people who get you!

Student Equity & Arts Lounge (SEAL)
The SEAL on the 3rd floor of the CAB is a welcoming and inclusive space for studying, meeting up with friends, attending a workshop, or just taking a minute to recharge.

Geoduck Student Union

Help build a stronger, more connected campus community. Membership is made up of registered students; 15 students are elected each year to conduct the business of the union. Get involved!

– Learn how to be a leader and work together to shape the future and improve the college.
– Lobby for student-centered legislation at the State Capitol.
– Educate the campus on issues students are facing and work students are doing.

International Student Advising

International students, we’re glad you’re here, sharing your view of the world with us! Welcome!

– Need help with academic planning?
– Need help with F-1 or J-1 visa regulations?
– Is U.S. or Evergreen culture difficult to adjust to? Need some support or advice?
– Just feeling homesick?

Located in Library 2153, we can help you have a safe, successful experience and reach your educational goals while at Evergreen.

Language Lab

We have computers for individual language study equipped with headphones and a microphone, tables for conversation groups, dictionaries, and other language materials. You can form your own conversation groups or work with one of the lab aides to practice the languages you’re studying.

Library & Librarians

Come say hello and learn how to get books and resources for your programs and courses. The Daniel J. Evans Library provides 24/7 access to digital resources including databases, full-text journals, e-books, film streaming, and chat research assistance. If it’s not in our stacks, Summit borrowing and Interlibrary Loan will deliver materials, usually within three days! We have quiet study spaces as well as areas that are perfect for collaborating with classmates and friends. Talk with a librarian to find a particular resource or get help developing your research topics. Looking for help with writing or math assignments? The Writing Center (page 36) and the QuaSR (page 34) are staffed with peer tutors ready to help you! Both are located in the Library.

Longhouse Education & Cultural Center “House of Welcome”

Enjoy gatherings for indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, creative expression, and economic development. Participate in multicultural classes, presentations, performances, and more. Meet Native artists and visit exhibitions and art sales throughout the year including the annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair. The Longhouse is part of a larger Indigenous Arts Campus which includes the Carving Studio and Fiber Arts Studio.

Media Loan

Did you know you can check out media equipment to support your academic work? We’ll even teach you how to use it! You can borrow microphones, cameras, lighting kits, and more for credit-generating work. There are no charges for borrowing, but late fines do apply. Read our policies and a list of available equipment online. We’re happy to answer any questions, so stop by and meet our team. We are open to students at all levels and in all areas of study, not just media studies.

Organic Farm

Plant and harvest crops on Evergreen’s five-acre Organic Farm. Facilities include the Farmhouse, a compost facility, various gardens, and greenhouses. Plus, chickens. It is also the first college farm in America to officially be certified “salmon safe.” Food from the farm is consumed in Evergreen’s cafeteria and sold on Red Square at Farm Stand during the growing season (by students enrolled in the program Practice of Organic Farming).

Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Response (OSVPR)

Evergreen is committed to the safety of our students. OSVPR is a confidential service for students affected by sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, harassment, and related concerns. If you have experienced any of these call (360) 867-5221 to talk about your options and to get support.

Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV)
A student group that provides peer advocacy and resources for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. We teach advocacy and consent and provide workshops about sexual and domestic violence. Open to folks of all genders, orientations, and identities.

Parking Services

We perform courtesy jump-starts, help with lockouts, and manage the Commute Trip Reduction program. Parking passes are required Monday through Friday, 7a.m.–9p.m. (360) 867-6352.

Police Services 24/7

– Emergency: Call 911 or (360) 867-6140.
– Trained dispatchers will get you the help you need.
– Blue emergency phones are located across campus and connect directly to dispatchers.
– Escort: Call (360) 867-6832 if you need an escort across campus or to your car, if you’ve locked yourself out of your car, or if you need a jumpstart.
– Lost your phone? Most on-campus areas will immediately turn over valuables to Police Services.

Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center (QuaSR)

Work with a peer tutor to expand your math and science abilities and get help with homework, test prep, research, lab notebooks, and more. No appointment is necessary. Please take a look at our tutoring times by subjects (including statistics, chemistry, biology, physics, Python, and more) at You can find us on zoom (meeting ID 966 0143 6337). Bring your A-number and the materials needed to support your work.

Registration & Records

We do more than just get you signed up for your program. We help with steps needed to establish residency, forms to declare your intent to pursue a science degree, and more. You can also visit us to:
– Get an ID Card
– Order your transcript
– Apply to graduate from Evergreen

We maintain your academic records, manage waitlists, evaluate science credits, verify degrees, and safeguard your privacy under FERPA. If you are unsure where to go, we’re a great place to start—on the first floor of the library building!

Ride the Bus for Free!
Get the current quarter sticker at our counter so you can ride the bus. More on page 30.

Update Your Personal Info
Make sure we always have your current address, phone number, and emergency contact on file. Go to the “Profile” link in the upper right corner of to make any changes.

Registration & Records also provides multiple options to give you as much control as possible over how you are identified in our data systems. You can request to change:
– Your chosen first name
– Your legal name
– Your displayed name and username/alias
– Your username/alias
– Your biological, assigned, or legal sex and gender

For procedures related to these changes, go to

Science Support Center

We assist students with research and planning for lab and field science research projects (in programs, ILCs, SOSs, or for undergraduate and advanced research). We provide essential information about lab safety and scientific equipment use.

Student Activities (S&A)

Be active in your college experience. Have fun while practicing skills for life. Get involved!

– Go to a meeting or event
– Fix your bike
– Get involved with student governance (Geoduck Student Union)
– Enjoy popcorn on Wednesdays
– Write for the newspaper, The Cooper Point Journal
– Dance (if you want to)!

Student Employment

Looking for work? We provide resources and support for students looking for employment of all kinds: on-campus, off-campus, part-time, temporary, and seasonal. If you qualify for financial aid, you may have a work study award.

Campus jobs are usually 6–15 hours a week, starting at $11.50 an hour. Visit us in LIB 1102, Mon. – Fri., from 9a.m. to 5p.m. We’re open year round.

Student Wellness Services

If you paid the Student Wellness Fee, you can use Student Wellness Services. Services are generally free and confidential. Fees may be charged for certain testing and medication. Services offered include:

– Medical care for colds, flu, or minor injuries
– Counseling: short-term individual and group therapy
– Help navigating resources and support
– Travel consults to prepare for study abroad
– Resources related to sexual violence prevention and response or Title IX We are not a primary care provider, urgent care facility, or long term therapeutic support center.


Animate, compose, produce, program, or broadcast at Evergreen’s general-purpose labs, with special resources for animation, multimedia, music production, language learning, and scientific computing.

Computer Labs
– Computer Center: Open 7a.m. – midnight most days. Our computers have all the software you need to get your work done. Plus space to work on collaborative projects with classmates.
– Computer Applications Lab (CAL): Advanced computer center for scientific and research curriculum, plus a 3D printing lab.
– Assistive Technology Lab: Screen readers, screen magnifiers, and specialized devices.

Multimedia Technology
– Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM): TV studio, green room, Sound Effects Studio, audio lab, 5.1 surround mix studio, and audio/video post-production facilities.
– Digital Imaging Studio (DIS) supports still imaging, graphics, and web design with twelve PC workstations, flatbed and film scanners, and exhibition quality large format printers.
– Multimedia Lab: Mac towers for video editing, audio multi-tracking, 2-D animation, web design, graphical programming environments, and 3-D modeling.

Science Labs
Students of all levels have access to science labs with a full range of equipment and high-tech tools including a scanning electron microscope and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.
– Chemistry Labs: State-of-the-art organic chemistry lab, a high-tech water quality analysis lab, an environmental analysis lab, biochemistry and molecular biology labs, and general chemistry labs.
– Phage Biology Lab: Dedicated to the analysis of natural disease-fighting bacteriophages since 1972.

Tech Support

Tech Support is available at, at the Computer Center in the library building, or at the Help Desk, call (360) 867-6231. We provide support for common software as well as getting your phone or mobile device ready for school.

The Evergreen Help Wiki
Visit to find answers to common technical questions, submit a help ticket, or get detailed instructions on how to navigate our online systems, such as:
– Canvas
– Greener Commons
– Narrative Evaluations

System Scientific Computing Help
Visit the Computer Application Lab (CAL) on the first floor of Lab II or call (360) 867-6426.

TRiO Student Success

We provide academic support and individual assistance to low-income, first-generation, and/or students with documented disabilities–—from Week 1 all the way through graduation, including:
– Academic advising & tutoring
– Advocacy
– Financial literacy & financial aid guidance
– Grad school preparation & career development

We’re located on the second floor of the library building. We provide support for qualifying students. To apply to the program, call (360) 867-5927 or visit us online.

Veterans Resource Center

If you’re active military, veteran, or dependent, your first stop on campus should be the Veterans Resource Center on the first floor of the Library.

We’ll help you receive and manage all the benefits you have earned through your service to our country. We serve all military, dependents, and veterans with respect, compassion, and confidentiality.
– Explore educational options to help you fulfill career objectives or start a new one.
– Document and obtain credit for military training, including assisting you in getting a copy of your military transcript.
– Understand and apply for educational benefits, or if you’ve already used those benefits, explore other funding options that may be available.
– Understand and make use of benefits for dependents.
– Assistance acquiring and filing any needed forms or records (e.g. 22-1995 or DD-214).

Please contact the Veterans Resource Center at (360) 867-6254 or email

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a one-on-one peer tutoring center. Explore everything you can imagine, bring ideas or drafts (academic, professional, or personal), and talk with a peer tutor about your grammar, arguments, and craft. Belong to a community that values your voice and creativity.

Appointments are encouraged, but walk-in appointments are often available. You can also book an appointment to have a writing session in Spanish! Call (360) 867-6420 to schedule. You can find the Writing Center in LIB 2304.