The Learning and Teaching Commons Newsletter is published monthly during the academic year.

Spring 2024

April Issue | Spring WK 1 | April 5, 2024


Winter 2024

March Issue | Winter WK 8 | March 1, 2024

February Issue | Winter WK 4 | February 2, 2024

January Issue | Pre-Winter | January 5, 2024

Fall 2023

December Issue | Fall WK 9 | December 1, 2023

November Issue | Fall WK 6 | November 3, 2023

October Issue | Fall WK 2 | October 6, 2023

Special Issue | Summer 2023 | September 11, 2023

Spring 2023

June Issue | Spring WK 9 | June 2, 2023

May Issue | Spring WK 5 | May 5, 2023

April Issue | Spring WK 1 | April 7, 2023

Winter 2023

March Issue | Winter WK 8 | March 3, 2023

February Issue | Winter WK 4 | February 3, 2023

January Issue | Winter WK 1 | January 6,2023

Fall 2022

December Issue | Fall WK 9 | December 2, 2022

November Issue | Fall WK 6 | November 4, 2022

October Issue | Fall WK2 |October 7, 2022

Special Issue | Summer 2022 | September 12, 2022
Meet the new Faculty Scholar, Connect with the Commons, Access Evergreen Summer Institute materials you missed, Start of the Academic Year resources for faculty and students.

Spring 2022

June Issue | Spring WK 10 | June 3, 2022
Last chance to register for Summer Institutes, Faculty accomplishments celebrated in faculty notes, Teaching at Evergreen workshop materials available on demand.

May Issue | Spring WK 6 | May 6, 2022
Registration is open for the 2022 Evergreen Summer Institutes, call for Faculty Notes submissions, and an invitation to join the last Commons Seminar of the year.

April Issue | Spring WK 1 | April 1, 2022
Faculty scholar announcement, the Evergreen Equity Symposium, and spring quarter learning opportunities for Evergreen educators.

Winter 2022

March Issue | Winter WK 9 | March 4, 2022
Call for proposals for the 2022 Equity Symposium, deadline approaching for the 2022 community-initiated summer institute proposals, spring quarter Teaching at Evergreen seminar series, and call for registration for a national discussion on applying an equity lens to assessment.

February Issue | Winter WK 5 | February 4, 2022
Call for proposals for the 2022 community-initiated summer institutes, campus spotlight on Greener Hub and Student Wellness Services, and Week 5 resources and reminders from the deans regarding supporting students.

January Issue | Winter WK 1 | January 7, 2022
Technology and instruction updates for Winter Quarter, a tribute to bell hooks, upcoming Commons events, and a spotlight of the Writing Center and recent dean hire.

Fall 2021

December Issue | Fall WK 9 | December 3, 2021
A spotlight on recent hires in IESS, tips around about evaluations, a call for the Commons Faculty Scholar applications, and thinking ahead to the 2022 Evergreen summer institutes.

November Issue | Fall WK 6 | November 5, 2021
A spotlight of the Commons Faculty Scholar application, the upcoming Commons Seminar Series & the Washington Center’s Collaborative Conversations, and information on the Basic Needs and Advocacy Center for Evergreen students.

October Issue | Fall WK 1 | October 1, 2021
Highlights of upcoming IESS and Art Lecture events, faculty spotlight of Hirsh Diamant’s chapter Learnings from Online Cross Cultural Exchange during the COVID-19 Pandemic, teaching resources to consider at the start of the year, and important student services and resources for fall quarter for faculty to share with their courses and programs. 

Special Issue | Summer 2021 | September 10, 2021
Refining and refocusing the Learning and Teaching Newsletter and blog back to classroom practices and learning and teaching, an update from the Library for fall, and highlights from the summer institutes of 2021.

Spring 2021

Evaluation Week, Spring 2021 Newsletter | June 11, 2021
A congratulatory issue for our greener graduates, our converted and emeritus faculty, a celebration of the Learning and Teaching Commons Faculty Scholar, and a spotlight of the annotation tool Hypothesis.

Week 9, Spring 2021 Newsletter | May 28, 2021
A note from the First-Year Faculty Fellow about Greener Foundations, new guidance from the Academic Deans regarding pronoun use in student evaluations, and more.

Week 7, Spring 2021 Newsletter | May 14, 2021
A last call for Summer Institute registration, reminders and resources regarding the Academic Fair, and thinking about what we will take forward from our pandemic time, and what we will leave behind.

Week 5, Spring 2021 Newsletter | April 30, 2021
A campus spotlight of Evergreen student and faculty work, mid-quarter reminders and resources for faculty, and information about a hybrid planning session for fall.

Week 3, Spring 2021 Newsletter | April 16, 2021
Announcing the 2021 Summer Institute Program, a student guide for writing the Academic Statement, faculty and staff Path Advising Plan, and more.

Week 1, Spring 2021 Newsletter | April 2, 2021
Spring quarter events and activities, the 2021 Equity Symposium, resources and recommendations for faculty at the start of the quarter.

Winter 2021

Evaluation Week, Winter 2021 Newsletter | March 19, 2021
A call for solidarity with our Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the wake of terrible violent shootings in the Atlanta area, announcing the last Washington Center Collaborative Conversation for the academic year, and preparing our students for what’s next–graduation, Academic Statements, and more.

Week 9, Winter 2021 Newsletter | March 5, 2021
End of the quarter resources and reminders for faculty, information on the Equity Symposium and Evergreen’s Summer Institutes.

Week 7, Winter 2021 Newsletter | February 19, 2021
Community and Campus events for Black History Month, the Academic Fair, and a highlight of a recent Evergreen faculty publication.

Week 5, Winter 2021 Newsletter | February 8, 2021
Black History Month teaching resources and events, mid quarter reminders, and tips around Universal Design for Learning.

Week 3, Winter 2021 Newsletter | January 22, 2021
Looking ahead to Summer Institutes, the vaccine, and events to honor and celebrate the legacy and life of Dr. Martin Luther King. A selection of readings and podcasts offer faculty a way engage with pedagogy and equity.

Week 1, Winter 2021 Newsletter | January 8, 2021
Tips for building online communities using tools and technology, a call for Equity Symposium proposals, and student resources.

Fall 2020

Eval Week, Fall 2020 Newsletter | December 18, 2020
An introduction and welcome for the new Washington Center Program Coordinator, and announcements for Winter 2020 events.

Week 9, Fall 2020 Newsletter | December 4, 2020
Tips for formative feedback and evaluations, end of quarter reminders, and student support services.

Week 7, Fall 2020 Newsletter | November 13, 2020
Tips for a more sustainable virtual experience, winter quarter academic fair announcement, and in invitation to hang out with new faculty.

Week 5, Fall 2020 Newsletter | October 30, 2020
Highlights Elections 2020 resources for faculty, staff and students, including several events hosted by the Commons.

Week 3, Fall 2020 Newsletter | October 16, 2020
Announcement of upcoming events and communities of practice, inclusive teaching tips, and student resources.

Week 1, Fall 2020 Newsletter | October 2, 2020
Welcome from the Commons Faculty Scholar, resources for supporting remote teaching – including guides on using collaborative documents, an invitation to join the Commons Slack workspace, announcements about the Learning Community Summit in October, and a call for authors for the Learning Community Research and Practice journal.

Summer Issue | September 4, 2020
Highlights from the summer, resources to support planning for remote teaching (including the relaunch of the Keep Teaching Canvas Course), an update on the Commons faculty scholar and the Commons Advisory Council, and the announcement of several new Communities of Practice (CoP).

*Correction: The Academic Retreat will take place on September 17th, not the 27th.

Spring 2020

Keep Teaching Week 10 Newsletter | June 5, 2020
This issue highlights updates on the New Academic Directions, graduation, the academic statement, and Evergreen’s first virtual gallery series.

Keep Teaching Week 9 Newsletter | May 29, 2020
This issue highlights the registration process for the Evergreen Summer Institutes. Also highlighted is the Kasama Tayo: Cooking Together with First Peoples event.

Keep Teaching Week 8 Newsletter | May 22, 2020
This issue highlights several important deadlines, including program budget requests and Juneteenth Celebration submissions.

Keep Teaching Week 7 Newsletter | May 15, 2020
This issue highlights several important deadlines, including the Fall 2020 catalog updates and the end of year presentation calendar submission. Also highlighted is the Tacoma Campus Spring Community Fair.

Keep Teaching Week 6 Newsletter | May 8, 2020
This issue highlights several resources and workshops for remote teaching and learning. Also highlighted is the Outdoor Leadership and Group Dynamics Spring 2020 Program.

Keep Teaching Week 5 Newsletter | May 1, 2020
This issue highlights several resources and workshops for remote teaching, including a workshop on facilitating equitable remote seminars. Also highlighted is the Photography: Documentary Spring 2020 program.

Keep Teaching Week 4 Newsletter | April 24, 2020
This issue highlights several resources and workshops for remote teaching, including a workshop on strategies for documenting work with Arnold Aprill. Also highlighted is the Pandemic Academy Lecture Series.

Keep Teaching Week 3 Newsletter | April 17, 2020
This issue highlights several resources and workshops for remote teaching, a save the date for the Evergreen Summer 2020 Institutes, and a call for authors for the Spring 2021 special issue of the Learning Community Research and Practice journal.

Keep Teaching Week 2 Newsletter | April 10, 2020
This issue highlights remote learning resources for students, several workshop and training opportunities for faculty and an opportunity for faculty to work with a remote teaching assistant.

Keep Teaching Week 1 Newsletter | April 3, 2020
This issue highlights trainings and resources for emergency remote teaching, including the announcement of several workshops and institutes, and the Keep Teaching Canvas course.