Summer Institutes

Faculty and staff have a long and inspired tradition of convening during the summer to build community, improve our practice, and engage in meaningful conversations about student success at Evergreen. The Learning and Teaching Commons is proud and committed to honoring that tradition.

Evergreen’s summer institutes promote a generative culture of interdisciplinary teaching and learning that is student-centered, equity-minded, inquiry-oriented, and committed to access and excellence. The primary purpose of summer institutes is to offer professional development opportunities that build institutional capacities to advance long-term curricular stability as required by our adopted mission and values. These institutes also provide Evergreen faculty and staff the rare opportunity to convene together as learners in a learning organization.

Each year, the Commons identifies key themes that align with institutional goals to encourage strategic alignment of developmental opportunities with long-term institutional goals. 

There are two types of Summer Institutes:

Sponsored Institutes: The Learning & Teaching Commons (LTC) collaborates with Student & Academic Life (SAL) and Inclusive Excellence & Student Success (IESS) to develop 5-8 institutes of broad relevance to the institution.  

Community-Initiated Institutes: In accordance with article 17.2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Faculty of Evergreen, the Learning and Teaching Commons solicits proposals aligned with the key themes from the faculty at large. 

A note about other summer work

There are a number of initiatives/retreats/meetings that faculty may be asked to participate in over the summer to contribute to the work of the college (e.g., transcript review, Path retreats, etc) For questions about these please contact the Office of the provost.


Faculty will be paid in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section 17.2.2. If you have questions about payment, please contact Tina Pearson or Elizabeth Williamson.

Equity & Inclusion

Many institutes fulfill the requirement for faculty professional development in inclusive excellence, culturally-relevant pedagogy, and cultural competence laid out in the June 2017 MOU. Faculty are asked to document their new learning annually on this form.  


To request accommodations related to your participation in summer institutes please contact us at

Important Dates

  • February 10 | Call for Proposals
  • March 10 | Proposal Deadline
  • April 5 | Conveners Notified
  • April 15 | Registration Opens
  • May 15 | Registration Closes
  • Two-Weeks Post-Institute | Convener Report Due