Summer Institutes

We are delighted to announce Summer Institute registration for 2020!  The summer institute program (see below) includes both a Week-by-Week schedule and a list of all the offerings, divided into themes:

  • New Academic Directions: Planning for Evergreen’s Big Bets
  • Learning and Teaching at Evergreen
  • Leading for Equity
  • Curriculum Planning for Evergreen’s Future   

You can sign up anytime between now and June 1. Please sign up by completing the online registration form (see below). 

The Resilient Leadership in Times of Change summer institute will be administered as a separate process from the registration form (above). All faculty and staff are welcome to apply to attend the 2020 Resilient Leadership in Times of Change summer institute! Prospective participants should complete the below application.

We want to express our thanks to all the conveners, who have waited patiently as we reconfigured the process and schedule in order to respond to the pandemic and the increasing urgency of planning for Evergreen’s renewal through the Big Bets process. We hope that the delay in announcing these gatherings–which are so important for building both relationships and skills–has not caused too much inconvenience for those of you with packed summer calendars. 

This year’s institutes will be held remotely. We are encouraging conveners to think creatively about what a day’s worth of professional development work looks like, and–as with the best online teaching–to mix synchronous and asynchronous modes of working. When you register, you’ll be asked for any needs you might have to support your participation in a remote modality. 

We invite the community to register for as many institutes as they wish.  Unfortunately, budgetary limits only allow for 10 days of paid attendance  for faculty. As per our practice and the CBA, faculty are compensated at $125/day for their participation, with conveners receiving $250/day. 
*Attendance at the two Big Bets workshops at the end of June does not count towards your 10 paid summer institute days.

Curriculum planning
You may notice that Path and CAT institutes are not yet listed. We are actively collaborating with CAT leaders and conveners to ensure that ongoing Path work can be supported this summer; please stay tuned. In the meantime, please consider reserving at least 2 of your 10 paid days for Path planning. On a related note, several days of intensive curricular planning for Big Bets are planned for the week of June 22-26, so please hold that week open if you are able. We do understand that you may have teaching or other obligations during that time.

Equity & Inclusion
Many of these institutes fulfill the requirement for faculty professional development in inclusive excellence, culturally-relevant pedagogy, and cultural competence laid out in the June 2017 MOU. Faculty are asked to document their new learning annually on this form.  

To request accommodations related to your participation in summer institutes please contact us at

Important Dates

  • 20-May-20: Registration opens
  • 01-Jun-20: Registration deadline
  • 15-Jun-20: Summer Institutes Begin

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