Faculty Notes | Nancy Koppelman | 2022-2023

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(photo: In Jerusalem with Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, a leader in Israel's Ethiopian Jewish community)

Nancy Koppelman received a summer fellowship from the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University in 2019 and continued her affiliation through 2022. Nancy’s second 2-year appointment to the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau will be over at the end of summer 2023. Hundreds of people across the state have heard her current talk, “Understanding Israel.” Humanities Washington staff say that it is the most popular and highest-evaluated talk in their current lineup. In spring 2023 Nancy served as Faculty Fellow on a study trip to Israel and the West Bank for American DEI administrators. The trip was part of the Academic Engagement Network’s Signature Seminar Series (SSS). The 2022-23 cohort included 13 representatives from NYU, Barnard College, George Washington University, University of Minnesota, UC Santa Cruz, and Yale, among other institutions. SSS is a year-long professional development enrichment course that brings DEI and other college and university administrators together each month to learn how antisemitism intersects with American higher education. For more information about SSS, which is offered to college staff and administrators free of charge, or to apply for the 2023-24 cohort, please contact Nancy at koppelmn@evergreen.edu.

(photo: In Jerusalem with Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, a leader in Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish community)

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