Week 5 Resources and Reminders from the Deans

Dear Colleagues: 

Welcome to the mid-point of your year! We hope 2022 is off to a good start for you and your learning communities.  

Please carefully read the following announcements.  


Capstone Grants. More funds are available for student Capstone Grants. The next official due date is week three of Spring quarter, but we will look at applications coming in at any time up to that point. Please encourage students to apply. Make sure they read the criteria and provide an itemized budget.  

SURF. For those of you who have already turned in your SURF applications, thank you! We did announce that we have extended the due date by a week (now Due Feb 2, 2022 at 5pm). Please consider offering a SURF learning opportunity for students. The stipends have been raised from $3000 to $3700 for the summer. You can access more information here.  

Greener Hub: Please let students know that they can direct their questions (about anything, really) via a help ticket through the Greener Hub. The Hub will then direct the inquiry to the appropriate office or individual. This tool is meant to reduce the “run-around” of going from office to office with questions. Please share and advise students to use it! https://helpwiki.evergreen.edu/wiki/index.php/Greener_Hub 

Path Parties & Academic Statement Support: Please look out for announcements from your path conveners about Path Parties (occurring remotely Week 7), which will give current students a chance to meet you and learn more about the subjects you teach. Deans’ area staff will also be reaching out to recruit folks for 1-1 Academic Statement support, as we do every year. Please contact Alex Markley with any questions (markleya@evergreen.edu). 

Week 5 check in and support: Mid-quarter feedback provides students with a snapshot of how they are performing academically in a program or course. The progress report communicates to students where they stand academically and what they need to do moving forward. In particular, the report should let students know if they are on track to earn credit (or not).  The report is not (necessarily) indicative of the student’s final evaluation.  On the contrary, mid-quarter feedback gives students sufficient time to refocus on what they need to do to be successful or seek support. 

In mid-quarter check-ins you can inquire about any obstacles to the learning environment, as well as field questions about program content, learning objectives and earning credit. Again, we hope that flexibility, compassion and creativity can be extended to students who may not all be able to respond to program/course assignments in the same way, particularly due to their access to synchronous learning tools. 

For more fabulous tools from the fabulous Learning and Teaching Commons, see these links: 

Teaching Remotely–Technology 

Teaching Remotely–Pedagogy 

Here are some resources from a recent seminar on mid-quarter feedback. And here is another super handy set of resources for mid-quarter feedback.  

Student Wellness Services is operating, and available to provide support to students via phone and HIPAA compliant video conferencing.  We recommend that you submit a report to the Care Team if there is elevated concern for a student’s well-being or safety, especially if there is danger of credit loss.  Care Team members will try to connect with the student and offer resources/support.  

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