Recast | Continuation of Voluntary Temporary Layoff/Furlough and Voluntary Temporary Reduction in FTE

From: “Uznanski, Laurel” <>
Date: Friday, July 23, 2021 at 10:48 AM

Dear Staff:

During the Budget Update presented by John Carmichael and Holly Joseph on June 7, 2021, there was interest raised by staff to have the option of being able to continue to request voluntary, temporary layoff/furlough or a voluntary, temporary reduction in their full-time equivalency (FTE).  As a result, Evergreen is extending the voluntary, temporary layoff/furlough option through June 30, 2022.   The details of the temporary layoffs/furloughs or reduction in FTE for represented classified and SSSSU staff were negotiated with the union and are available to view on the website by clicking here.  

The process/steps for requesting voluntary, temporary layoff/furlough or a voluntary, temporary reduction in FTE remain the same: 

  1. The employee must make their request to the supervisor, in writing or email, before the start date of their voluntary, temporary layoff or reduction in FTE.  The supervisor responds to the request as soon as possible and prior to the start date.  The supervisor will consider business, staffing, and operational needs when deciding whether or not to authorize an employee’s request.
  1. If an employee’s request is authorized, timely Leave Requests are entered prior to the start date using the leave type “Voluntary LWOP” (it’s the last one on the Leave Type list; do not use the leave types Furlough LWOP or regular Leave Without Pay for this purpose).  The supervisor checks that leave is entered by the employee OR, if by arrangement with an employee who made their request to the supervisor, the supervisor enters the employee’s leave by Proxy Leave prior to the start date.  At the supervisor’s discretion, the Leave System may be allowed to substitute for an employee’s written request / email for a voluntary, temporary layoff/furlough or a voluntary reduction in FTE when the employee notes such reason in the Comments section of the Leave Request, provided that the Leave Request is made with enough advance notice for the supervisor to consider business, staffing and operational needs prior to the date of the leave. 
  1. Already-approved vacation leave or other paid leave cannot be replaced by Voluntary LWOP by the supervisor, but may be requested to be cancelled or changed by the employee.
  2. The supervisor and the employee continue to follow Leave Procedures and Timekeeping Procedures; when the employee’s supervisor is on leave or unavailable the next-level supervisor ensures Time and Leave responsibilities are met.
  3. If a supervisor approves Voluntary LWOP for an overtime-exempt employee, there may be additional Time and Leave instruction for the week the overtime-exempt employee requests voluntary layoff or reduction in FTE.
  1. Updated Work Schedule Change forms are not needed because the employee will be using leave type “Voluntary LWOP.”

Other Information regarding Voluntary LWOP:

  • Employees will continue to accrue vacation leave and sick leave credit at their normal rate.
  • Employees are encouraged to consider how a Voluntary LWOP may impact their retirement plan.  
    • Department of Retirement Systems (DRS):   Employees earn full service credit for every month they are in pay status for ninety (90) or more hours, half service credit for 70-90 hours and a quarter service credit for less than 70 hours.   For employees that are within five (5) years of their retirement date (2 years for PERS 1) a reduction in compensation will be reflected in the pension calculation that uses the average salary over 5 years (2 years for PERS 1).
    • The Evergreen State College Retirement Plan (TESCRP administered by TIAA):  TIAA contributions are a percentage of salary.  A reduction to salary will reduce both the employee and employer contribution to the employee’s retirement account.
    • Questions about the retirement plans should be directed to the Payroll and Benefits Office at .
  • While on Voluntary LWOP, employees are entitled to apply for other state and federal benefits for which they qualify, including but not limited to, unemployment insurance, paid family and medical leave, or workers compensation.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Human Resource Services by email at .


Laurel R. Uznanski, SPHR

Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services

Library 3102 | p: 360.867.6366 |f: 360.867.6823

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