Recast | 2022/23 Study Abroad Proposals: Due February 23rd

From: Academic Deans <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 1:24 PM

Dear Colleagues, 

I hope your quarter is off to a good start. I am writing regarding study abroad program proposals for 2022/2023.  

Applications for the 2022/23 academic year are due February 23. 2021. Please complete the application form here.  

Study abroad programs provide valuable learning opportunities to our students – allowing them to have an immersion in a different country and culture, gain fluency with other languages, study unique natural and environmental phenomena in other parts of the world and learn by working with communities abroad. The College encourages and supports study abroad programs by funding some faculty travel costs and providing administrative and advising assistance. If you have plans to propose a study abroad program for 2022/23, there is an application and approval process which I explain below.  

If you’d like to know more about ways to incorporate study abroad in your programs in the future please discuss this with me. In particular, we encourage faculty to consider study abroad trips to locations where we have already established successful relationships.   

Kathleen Eamon, Academic Dean, The Evergreen State College: 

Evening & Weekend Studies | Summer Sessions | Study Abroad and International Programs (she/her) 

Selection Process for Study Abroad Programs 

Since study abroad programs are expensive, we limit the number of study abroad programs offered per year. For that reason, there is a selection process for study abroad programs, which involves submitting a proposal in advance of the usual program description submission process. 

In order to streamline the work of faculty who wish to propose study abroad programs, to provide time for curriculum deans and faculty curriculum leaders to make informed decisions about prioritization, and to allow time for faculty to develop alternate academic programs in the event a proposal is not approved, study abroad proposals are due February 23rd, 2021.    

The timeline outlined below provides a clear pathway for review, prioritization, and selection of study abroad programs, with ample time for changes in plan when necessary.   

Timeline (Winter Quarter 2021 for 2022/2023 academic year proposals) 

  • The faculty coordinator for a proposed study abroad program, in consultation with fellow team members, completes a study abroad application.  A synopsis of the program is required, but a detailed program description is not required at this time. Applications are due by 8:00am on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021.  
  • In February and March, the CAT leaders and curriculum deans discuss and prioritize study abroad requests, using the criteria outlined on the application form.  
  • By the end of March, the dean for international programs, after consultation with the curriculum deans and other academic administrators, will approve programs depending on funding constraints and other considerations, such as the number of students who will travel. 
  • Immediately following the dean’s decision, the dean will notify faculty teams of the status of their proposal. 
  • After decisions are made faculty will need to enter their approved program into the curriculum system and work with CAT Leaders to move their programs toward publication.  Faculty whose programs are not approved will be asked to develop an alternative program description. 

The Evergreen State College is open; find updated information at www.evergreen.eduWe are working remotely in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  
In addition, the following academic administration offices will be working reduced hours on Fridays due to lower staffing levels. Our available hours are Monday through Thursday from 8-12/1-5 and on Friday from 8-12:

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