Returning to instructional footing in February

From: Speller, Trevor <>
Date: Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 12:55 PM

Dear faculty and academic staff-  

On January 6, I wrote with a recommendation that you substitute remote activities for in-person classes where possible, in the face of the Omicron wave of COVID. Thank you for your care and effort in making this turn. We are ready to return to our original winter footing on Monday, February 7. (See attached.) 

After monitoring cases on campus and looking at our support systems, we believe we are ready to return to the level of in-person academic activity that was originally scheduled for winter quarter. Our COVID team has been able to source thousands of KN95 masks and continue with regular PCR testing.  We continue to improve our response procedures for illness. These are significant safeguards for our collective health.  


  • Faculty: please contact your teaching team and decide any changes you will make to your instructional footing starting February 7. Before updating your students, be sure to communicate those changes to instructional support staff, as well as your Director, Dean, or the curriculum team, as appropriate. If a trip needs to be rescheduled, please email the Curriculum Team and the Academic Budget office
  • Academic Staff: Connect with faculty and staff as soon as possible to determine how to support more in-person learning. Ensure you work with your supervisor on any changes before communicating to students.
  • Update your schedule through Schedule Evergreen or by emailing by Friday, February 4.   
  • A reminder that if one of your students or employees feels unwell, they should stay home and fill out the health verification on The same applies to you!  
  • Get your COVID booster if you have not done so already, and encourage your students and employees to do the same.  

The following are important changes for winter quarter: 

  • (either surgical-style masks or better, e.g. KN95) while in class. Surgical-style masks are available at stations around campus. KN95 masks are available for your class or work area by emailing Tammy Van Natta at  
  • in front of Evans Hall; 12-2 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. At present, results come back in roughly 36-60 hours.  
  • Health Verification Form. There are recent changes to the Health Verification form that will inform faculty and supervisors directly when students or employees feel ill. There is nothing you need to do differently to respond to these cases, but it will allow faculty and supervisors to be better and more quickly informed about exposures and absences. 
  • If there is a case in your class/ work unit that has been reported to the COVID team, they will contact you. It is likely that all those exposed to COVID will be required to test within a certain window, and depending on booster status, exposed (but not ill) students and faculty may need to quarantine for 5 days.  
  • will again be allowed in winter quarter. Those on overnight field trips will be required to do pre-departure testing; there will also be restrictions on transportation and accommodation. Please contact me for details.  

Faculty, as you change your classes back to their original in-person schedules, be sure to communicate closely with staff colleagues and your students. Please update Schedule Evergreen or Space Scheduling with any changes to your instructional footing. Academic staff supervisors and managers, please be sure to connect closely with faculty (and vice versa) to determine how to return to more in-person learning.  

Many of us have questions about the state of COVID on campus. Please check Evergreen’s COVID site for updates, including statistics, which are updated every week.  

Questions about these changes in Academics are best directed to me. See details and to-dos below my signature. 

Best regards – and stay well –


Trevor Speller, PhD –- he/him 

Interim Vice-Provost

The Evergreen State College 

Mobile: 360-628-6401

Office: 360-867-6063

Zoom ID: 886-621-3404

Library 3801

2700 Evergreen Parkway NW – Olympia, WA 98505

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