Academic Fair Reminders

Academic Fair for Spring quarter is coming up quicker than you might realize!  Please make sure you have Wednesday, March 2nd from 4 to 6 pm on your calendars.  

As you probably anticipated, the Academic Fair will once again be held in a virtual/online/Zoom environment.  We are following the same setup as the last several quarters.  

Faculty will set up their own zoom meetings for the fair. Our friends in academic technologies have been nice enough to put together a guide to help you quickly set up your meetings with the settings that are most appropriate for this type of event. Faculty should not set up a meeting using Canvas– this meeting type does not work for public events. If you need direction on how to set it up outside of Canvas, please see:  Schedule a Zoom Meeting via the Web Portal 

Those zoom links, as well as your fair handouts, will be provided to students on this page. Links will also be available to the other offices and support services students are accustomed to finding at the fair.  

Faculty need you to take steps 1-3 on the list below by Wednesday, February 23rd in order to have everything in place before the fair the following week.   

  1. Create a fair handout for each of your offerings 
  2. Create your Zoom link. See:  Schedule a Zoom Meeting via the Web Portal
  3. Complete this form for each offering you want to display in the online fair guide (if you have more than one the form gives you the option to add additional entries).  
  4. Show up to your zoom meeting and help students! 

*We have heard from some faculty that individual rooms can be lonely when there aren’t many students stopping in. Please know that you are welcome to arrange with your colleagues to share a zoom room and move in to break out rooms to have discussions with students. We can’t offer any additional room management support if you do this, but it is an option. Just make sure everyone puts the same zoom link on the form. Please do not leave the room you have on the form to visit colleagues in other rooms! 

If you encounter an issue on the day of that makes your meeting unable to continue, please go to the registration zoom meeting and let them know. The zoom link to registration will be available at .   

Please take a few minutes to review your catalog entry to make sure your class accurately reflects your plans for spring. If you need any edits, please email Tricia Bateman (  

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