Publishing courses for 22/23: separating publication from issuing contracts

From: “Beck, Stephen” <>
Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 10:10 AM

Hello all! 

I hope your quarter is wrapping up well! I know it is dark now, but you have my guarantee that the days will begin growing longer again in just two more weeks. 

I’m writing this specifically to those faculty who do not have contracts for 2022-23 but do have proposals to teach courses in the curriculum system for next year. Just as Kathleen requested last year (specifically, on January 5, 2021), I am writing to ask you whether you are willing for the curriculum team to go ahead and publish your offerings, in advance of your receiving an offer of a contract for next year. 

I would like to facilitate the ability of students to plan their studies independently of the timeline for issuing annual contracts to faculty with adjunct status. This would mean that we would publish your course with your name attached as the faculty. But that will not constitute a verbal or written contract. We face similar budget instability as we did last year, so our publishing of a course will signal neither faculty nor institutional commitment to the offering. 

You may opt out of this process. If you want us to wait to publish your proposal until you have a contract issued to you for that proposal, please email me with your request to that effect. If you want to opt out, please email me by Friday, December 17. 

If you do not opt out by December 17, I will begin publishing courses for 22/23. I will prioritize courses that are prerequisites for graduate schools and those that provide central support for Path curriculum.

If you haven’t yet developed your courses for next year and would like to repeat a course that you teach annually, please email Tricia Bateman ( to have your offerings copied forward to 22/23. 

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact me. 


Stephen (Steff) Beck

(they/them pronouns)

Interim Associate Dean

Evening and Weekend Studies, FLEX Curriculum, and Summer School

Email is not a confidential mode of communication. 

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