From: Academic Deans <deans@evergreen.edu>
Date: Monday, December 6, 2021 at 1:05 PM

Dear Hard-Working Colleagues: 

As we move toward the close of fall quarter, please review guidelines below for finishing out well and ensuring as much clarity and support for student success as possible!  


Greener Hub: Please let students know that they can direct their questions (about anything, really) via a help ticket through the Greener Hub. The Hub will then direct the inquiry to the appropriate office or individual. This tool is meant to reduce the “run-around” of going from office to office with questions. Please share and advise students to use it! https://helpwiki.evergreen.edu/wiki/index.php/Greener_Hub 

Academic Fair: Thanks for your participation in Academic Fair! We had just over 400 faculty and students accessing the winter-offerings page during the Fair. Some remote-only students may be reaching out to you to ask about whether you are willing to accommodate them in your hybrid/in-person offerings; if you are, please respond to them ASAP; your formal sign-off is necessary in order for them to register.  


Great news! We are able to use Mellon Grant funds this year to expand funding opportunities for student capstone grants and conference travel funds. This additional funding is allowing us to increase award amount caps as well as offer more grants overall. Please encourage students to look at these opportunities and apply if they meet the award criteria.  

Capstone awards: Awarded quarterly in week 5 and can cover up to $500 for capstone project material reimbursements. Applications are due Week 3 of each quarter- so the winter quarter date will come up quickly! This award does require a faculty sponsor to work with the student; please help students carefully review the criteria. https://www.evergreen.edu/academicgrants/student-capstone-fund 

Conference travel awards: awarded on a rolling basis to students travelling to present academic work at chapter meetings or conferences, but students must apply at least 2 weeks prior to their travel. These awards can be for up to $250 reimbursements for registration, lodging, and travel expenses. This award does require a brief letter of support from a faculty member.


If you have any questions please contact Tricia Bateman or Karen Gaul. 


A few of you have contacted us asking for reminders for how to apply for Professional Travel funds. It’s been awhile!! Please use the form found here to apply in advance for faculty travel (whether in-person or virtual conferences). We ask that you apply at least 10 days before the event (if not earlier) to give us ample time to process the request.  


From IESS: As we move toward the end of quarter and winter registration, we ask that faculty have students who need Advising support contact the Academic and Career Advising front desk at advising@evergreen.edu or have them call (360) 867-6312.  This allows students to be connected to their assigned advisor and for us to provide the best service to our Greeners. Please do not suggest students contact specific professional academic and career advisors.  If you have other end of quarter concerns about students, please file a CARE Report.   For more information about Academic and Career Advising, including office hours, please visit our website

Awarding Incompletes. We encourage you to offer incompletes with care.  Please remember that federal financial aid regulations require students to complete incomplete work within 30 days, which in turn creates a faculty responsibility to assess the work and complete the final eval within those 30 days. The financial impact on students can be devastating if your evaluation of student work arrives late. Please be sure to close the loop and post INC credits as soon as possible after work is turned in.  

Thank you, thank you for all you do to create kind, equitable learning spaces.  

Your Deans 

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