RECAST | eResources and Services in the Library for Spring Quarter

Hello everyone,

Since the beginning of last week we in the library have been working overtime to secure as many of your program books in electronic formats as possible.

As of today, we’ve made it through the list of “known” program books, and I’m attaching what we were able to acquire in electronic formats and what we were not able to get.

This list (attached in 2 formats) is sorted by program title and color-coded for “yes, we got it” and “no, sorry.”

Here is what we can do moving forward and how you can help.

Purchase Requests for the Library

  • We’re in a better spot this week than last week to process new title requests. We are currently focusing on only buying electronic resources: e-books, e-journals, and streaming media.
  • Please feel free to double-check your materials against our catalog at and let us know if we made any mistakes.
  • If you need to make new requests, please also check those titles against our catalog first to make sure we didn’t already purchase them. We’re in a big work crunch now and reducing requests for materials we already have will be a great help.
  • For now, we are asking that new material requests are limited to items that you will need in the first 4 weeks of your program.
  • The best way to make purchase requests continues to be through this form:

Other Access

Purchase Options for Students

  • Students can buy their books from the Evergreen Bookstore and have them shipped to their homes; the bookstore has reduced shipping costs to help. That link is
  • Some of the big vendors have slowed down their shipping significantly, so honestly, I really recommend students get in touch with our own bookstore if they want to buy a physical copy.

Get Help Finding Alternative Resources

  • We have a lot of really good electronic resources and we can work with you to find suitable replacements. Get in touch with one of our faculty librarians who can help you navigate what we have and what we can get.
  • Our faculty librarians for spring are Paul McMillin, Sara Huntington, and Stokley Towles. Their contact info is on this page:


  • Our capacity for scanning is pretty limited right now, which is why I added three (3!) questions marks in that header – we’d prefer to get the book in your hands and let you scan what you need.
  • As Copyright Officer for the college, I still advise against scanning an entire book, but I think there is a good case for considering what you need in weeks 1-4 and making it available, if we don’t already have and can’t buy an eBook.
  • If scanning is going to happen, please scan using a method with OCR (optical character recognition) so that the resulting file is (more) accessible. Don’t post the files anywhere except Canvas so students have to login to get to them.


  • Slightly separate from the above, we purchased 347 Chromebooks which should come in this week and we are going to try to get those into students hands as soon as we can. We hope this will help students have a good online learning experience.
  • A majority of these will circulate through the library but we’ll also be sending some up to Tacoma and some will be managed and used by TRiO and Upward Bound programs.

Last But Not Least, Some LibGuides

Thanks and More

I’d like to thank you all for your patience as we worked through the list last week, and for your continued patience as we work to process the requests you send in response to this email.

If you have questions for me feel free to respond directly. Purchase requests should use the form above. Other general library questions (from you or your students) should be sent to

Get in touch with our faculty librarians (listed above) for help setting up library instruction sessions (we’re happy to drop into Canvas and Zoom,) requesting materials, and creating LibGuides for your programs.

Oh, and it’s a great time for students to get comfortable with our chat reference service. We have backup librarians answering questions 24×7 and it will be one of the main ways we help with research moving into spring:

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you and working with you as we move into an online quarter!




Ahniwa D. Ferrari
Associate Dean of Library Operations
The Evergreen State College | 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW | Olympia, WA 98505 | p. 360-867-6288 | f. 360-867-6790

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