Wondering how to print on campus?

The network printers in A & B wings of Seminar II are temporarily unavailable.

You have a couple of options in the meantime. The Copy Center can fulfill faculty and staff print requests received via email to copycenter@evergreen.edu. Faculty and staff can also print black and white documents through computer terminals in the library and Evans Hall computer labs.

Tech Support is filling an urgent need to configure and deliver computers as a priority. Once that work is completed, they will return to repairing the Sem2 black and white printer. The color printer has aged out, will be removed, and due to high costs involved with color cartridges, will not be replaced.

The copy machine in Sem2A Cluster Support has been working well, but if there are any issues with the copier, please report them immediately to the Copy Center.  

I know this isn’t an ideal situation. Thanks for your continued patience.

Sincerely –


Trevor Speller, PhD –- he/him 

Interim Vice-Provost

The Evergreen State College 

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