Have you been wondering about TRiO Student Success and Disability Support?


What is TRiO Student Success and Disability Support?

TRIO Student Success at The Evergreen State College is a federally funded program that provides direct support services for first generation, low-income, and/or students with disabilities to successfully attain their bachelor’s degrees.  Each year more than 300 Evergreen undergraduate students benefit from TRiO Student Success’s comprehensive support services.

Our team is made up of four Academic Specialists who advise students, one Program Coordinator who manages the ins and outs of the office and one Director who also advises students.  You can read more about our staff here.

We are located within the IESS suite of offices (Library 2153) next to Academic and Career Advising and are currently working with students both virtually and in person.

What types of “support services” do you provide to students?

The core of our program includes one on one advising for students conducted by our Academic Specialists.  Academic Specialists work with students on a number of topics including academic planning, career visioning and preparation and provide support, advocacy and referrals for students regarding their financial aid, mental and physical wellness, basic needs and much more!   For our list of services and supports, please read more here.

To join TRiO, students must fill out an application and participate in an intake interview with an Academic Specialist. The interview allows us to know more about the student’s background and what they want/need to thrive at Evergreen. The interview also establishes the connection between student and advisor, that will hopefully last until the student graduates from Evergreen.  Students can be at any point in their academic process at Evergreen to join- we accept first year, transfer and continuing students. 

I heard TRiO got a new grant to support more students.   How does that work?

Yes, TRiO received a second grant that allows us to serve 100 additional students who have documented disabilities.  We have two Academic Specialists who work specifically with this program and provide services tailored to each student’s needs.  We also work closely with Access Services to insure that students know about our program.

As a member of the faculty, how should I expect to interact with TRiO Student Success?

TRiO staff and Evergreen faculty collaborate to support students in a number of different ways.   

  • Referrals: We welcome referrals of students at any point in the year (please see below for more information about how best to do this).
  • Email Check-Ins: Each quarter, TRiO Academic Specialists send out emails to faculty who have TRiO students in their courses and programs.   These emails are meant as an early intervention tool to check to see how students are progressing academically.  If you sense that a student is struggling in your class and may need extra support- please respond to those check-in emails so that we can make a plan to support further.
  • Consults and Advising: TRiO staff are available to meet with you and a TRiO student in order to further understand a students progress in class and make a plan for support. 
  • Class visits: TRiO staff are happy to share more about our office and services in your class. Interested in having us join you either in person or on zoom?  Reach out today!

I have a student who I think would benefit from TRiO.  How do I connect students to your services?

Announcing TRiO as a support that is available to students in your program, posting information about TRiO on your canvas page, or sending an email reminding students of our resources are all general open ended ways you can offer information. Attached to this email is a blurb which you can put in your canvas, or share via email with your students.

If you have a specific student in mind for TRIO, we welcome an email to alert us to reach out to them, or a “warm handoff” email (including the student in the email) inviting us to connect directly.

Thanks so much for your continued collaboration with TRiO.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions or concerns.  Here’s to a great Week 2!


Emily Pieper (she/her prounouns), MPA

Director of TRiO Student Success and Disability Support

The Evergreen State College

Olympia, WA

Google Voice #: 360.358.3421

If you are a student looking to book an appointment on TRIO’s Bookings page.

Email: Piepere@evergreen.edu

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