Recast | Mid-Cycle Accreditation Report – Soliciting your feedback!

From: “Biswas, Abir” <>
Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 3:14 PM

Dear Staff and Faculty Colleagues, 

I hope that you are all doing well! I am writing to you today as the lead for Evergreen’s mid-cycle accreditation work*.  At recent meetings, David McAvity and I have indicated that we would be sharing the first draft of the Mid-Cycle Accreditation report, with components that would most benefit from staff and faculty feedback at this stage. We continue to make progress on the full document, which is due in August. We will share the full draft in June. Please see the attached pdf with 3 of the 6 components. I am also sharing a form (link below) wherein you will be able to provide feedback to the lead writers of each of the sections being shared. 

FOR EACH SECTION, we would appreciate feedback responding to the following questions: Does this description in the report align with your understanding of our actions and/or plans?  What suggestions do you have?  You will be able to provide feedback in the form found at: 

We would like to receive feedback by May 27, 2021, so that we can incorporate feedback in the next draft that we plan to share with you before the end of the Spring quarter.  We deeply appreciate your engagement with this process and thank you for your time and effort! 

Thank you, 

Abir Biswas

Abir Biswas (he/him) 

Interim Academic Dean and Member of the Faculty 

PS We recognize that some staff on this email are students as well. We reached to students (on the GSU) via a zoom meeting/presentation on Wednesday May 26th at 4pm, and offered to meet with other students later in the quarter. 

*–> What the mid-cycle report IS and IS NOT.  We are currently in Year 3 (i.e. Mid-cycle) of a 7-year cycle, and we are working toward a 7-year culminating self-study, due in 2025.  This document is primarily designed to be forward-looking, to explain our plans toward 2025 and respond to any concerns our accreditors may have had. This is an opportunity for a peer-review and formative feedback from our accreditor. This is not an assessment.  Note that the data in the mid-cycle report is focused on undergraduate students at Evergreen (NPP, Tacoma, Olympia). 

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