Recast | HAPPieR update and survey

From: “Gaul, Karen” <>
Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 9:25 AM

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

The Holistic Advising: Policy and Practices Review (HAPPieR) team has been meeting all year to consider how to better serve students through some of our basic work practices. We’ve had limited time in the faculty meeting (We last spoke with you in December!). We are writing with a brief update and a survey to help set ourselves up for a discussion at the Week 10 faculty meeting.

HAPPieR subgroups have met and thought hard about the following areas:

  • How we write syllabi and community agreements
  • How we award credit
  • How we write evaluations
  • Academic Standing and Required Leave Policies

We have shared our basic Recommendations  document on a number of occasions. And we have been eager to engage with all of you to listen to one another and think together about how to best serve our students. 

This survey is just about how we award credit. Please fill out the survey and we will talk about responses in week 10. We’ll also offer some updates on our work, and how to engage in related summer institutes.


Huge gratitude goes out to the thoughtful, committed crew marshalling this work along: Julie Rahn, JuliA Metzker, Eric Stein, Elizabeth Williamson, Lori Klatt, Colby Morelli, Randy Kelley, Emily Pieper, Ivanna Trottman, Abir Biswas, Kathleen Eamon, Toska Olson, and Bridget Irish.

And special thanks to the Learning and Teaching Commons–JuliA and Rachel in particular–for help setting up the survey!

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to talking with you soon about the HAPPieR work!


Karen, Abir, Eric, Lori, Julie, JuliA, Toska, Bridget, Colby, 

Randy, Emily, Ivanna, Lori, Elizabeth, Kathleen

Karen K Gaul


Academic Dean

The Evergreen State College

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