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Date: Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 5:05 PM

Resources and Reminders  

Spring 2021, Week 1 

Happy Spring, All!  

Resources and Reminders is shared three or four times a quarter and is meant to help you keep up with deadlines, events and relevant policies. We hope you find them helpful!  

Contents:    ♥ Winter Evals Due ♥ Reg Tracking week one ♥ 2020-2021 Planning ♥ Academic Statements ♥ Academic Fair ♥ Summer Institutes ♥ Student Assessment ♥ HAPPieR Updates ♥  


Evaluations from winter quarter were due March 26, 2021. Thank you to all of you who submitted these on time. Students face obstacles when their evals are not posted in a timely manner and a number of staff and admin are mobilized to try to help support the student and move the process along. The CBA (6.2.2e) states that timely submission of evals is part of the commitment of all faculty.  

Registration Tracking Forms  Be sure to return your Week 1 tracking forms (accessible from the Faculty section of under “Class Lists and Evaluations”) to the Registrar’s office by the end of Week 1. Knowing which students listed are not attending your program or course is very important for those students’ future interactions with Registration and Financial Aid. An oversight at this early stage might mean entering a [false] “no credit” for those students later, which can have major consequences for them. If students are adding your program or course be sure they have completed the necessary paperwork through the Registrar’s Office.  

The deadline for adding or dropping a program or course without additional fees is Friday, April 2, as the tuition deadline. Students can still add, with faculty permission, next week but fees may apply and tuition will need to be paid in full prior to adding the registration.  

*If you are willing to accept new students through the end of this week, please look out for emails from students who may be seeking to change their registration.

Planning 2021-22: A reminder that fall 2021 catalog revisions and budget requests were due Monday, March 29. More information at 

Academic FairMay 19 (Week 8) is Academic Fair (4-6pm) & Mentoring Day (which will be slightly reconfigured this year to align with the Paths Project while continuing to provide Academic Statement Support for students).  

Academic Statements: Academic Statements are due on May 21 (following the opportunity to get help with them at on May 19):June 11: Final Academic statements due for seniors graduating in Spring. 

Summer Institutes: Thanks to all of you who submitted amazing proposals for 2021 Summer Institutes!   This summer’s program offers opportunities to build community, improve our practice, and engage in meaningful conversations about student success. This year, the Commons is sponsoring a new conference-style institute, Designing Learning Experiences that Matter, that merges the principles of intentional and universal design approaches to program and course planning with a variety optional workshops. The institute will be offered twice this summer, June 14-18 and Aug 2-6. Registration for summer institutes will be open from April 15-May 15.  Look for an announcement from the Learning and Teaching Commons to arrive in your email inbox in Early April.  


Student Assessment: While we are still in this remote environment, we encourage you to continue to extend flexibility to assist students in earning as many credits as possible. Please remember that a student who earns less than 12 of their registered credits can face serious financial aid consequences, because less than 12 credits put them at “half-time” status and they may need to return substantial financial aid. Students earning less than ¾ of any attempted credits can move into Academic Warning (after two such quarters) or Required Leave of Absence (after three such quarters). If a student gets ill, please advise them carefully about options to earn the most credits possible, including provisions for make-up work. Inform students about the campus leave of absence option. 

The HAPPieR Holistic Advising: Policy & Practices Review work group, which is part of New Academic Directions, has not had opportunity to come before the faculty meeting due to many other pressing agenda items. However, we have posted an update including a draft of recommendations at the Big Bets/New Academic Directions blogsite. Please review as you are able. We hope to bring pieces of this before the faculty this spring and will develop workshops for summer program planning.  

Basic Needs Center: Please let students know they can make an appointment to access the Basic Needs Center. It is open on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3pm-6pm, for 15-minute drop ins. It is located on the first floor of the CAB (former space for the bike shop). Items currently available in limited quantities includes: PPE, food pantry type staples, clothes, hygiene items, and books. If you have questions, please contact Ellen Short Sanchez or Jeannett Smith.  

The Academic Deans | 360.867.6810 

Abir Biswas | Kathleen Eamon | Karen Gaul | Larry Geri | Greg Mullins | Marcia Tate-Arunga | Elizabeth Williamson  

The Evergreen State College is open; find updated information at www.evergreen.eduWe are working remotely in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  
In addition, the following academic administration offices will be working reduced hours on Fridays due to lower staffing levels. Our available hours are Monday through Thursday from 8-12/1-5 and on Friday from 8-12:

Deans Area
Institutional Research
Academic Budget Office
Provost’s Office

We are checking our individual and office emails during these hours and our office phone messages daily. We apologize for any delays in responding.

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