Recast | Virtual and analog international opportunities! News from our Critical Edge Alliance, MAY 2021

From: “Eamon, Kathleen” <>
Date: Friday, May 21, 2021 at 3:42 PM

Hello, colleagues and friends!

I’m sharing current news, activities, and opportunities from the Critical Edge Alliance, below, like their new student-led online Language cafes, currently being held weekly in Arabic, English, Spanish, and Danish. As many of you know, the Critical Edge Alliance is a global collaborative framework, and we are founding members.  The network exists to to support universities that focus upon student-centered learning, critical thinking, interdisciplinary teaching and research, and social engagement. (Its current memberships includes Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, Evergreen and the New School in the US, University of Paris 8 in France, PUC-Rio in Brazil, Roskilde University in Denmark, the Tata Institute of Social Science in India, and the University of Los Andes in Colombia.)  Please read the newsletter, follow the links, and get involved!


— Kathleen Eamon, Academic Dean, The Evergreen State College: Evening & Weekend Studies | Summer Sessions | Study Abroad and International Programs    (she/her)

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CEA NEWSLETTER MAY 2021 CEA CONFERENCE CEA SUMMER SCHOOL GLOBAL VOICES PODCAST CEA LANGUAGE CAFES GLOBAL DISCUSSIONS CEA CONFERENCE  CEA annual conference has been postponed again due to the global health crisis. The conference is instead planned for January 2022 in Paris (France). We will return with dates and additional information in a later newsletter.  CEA SUMMER SCHOOL CEA again this year offer the Summer School on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), August 17-26, 2021, at Roskilde University (Denmark).   In a world of global challenges and crises, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework and platform from which solutions and changes can be developed. This two week course will introduce and discuss the SDGs in theory and practice from an interdisciplinary, research-based and critical perspective. The course will investigate the SDG framework as a driver for change, social innovation and sustainability. We will critically examine how the goals can be worked with locally, nationally and globally, and explore the SDGs’ concept of partnerships with stakeholders such as policy makers, private businesses, municipalities and civil society.This course includes lectures, debate sessions, workshops as well as field visits to investigate the application of the UN SDG frame in a local and regional context. Guest lectures from University of the Andes (Colombia) and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India) and high-level experts from different sectors are joining the course developed in collaboration with the Critical Edge Alliance.  The course is available for master and PhD students and open to other participants with a bachelor’s degree and the required language skills. Read more information about the course in English   GLOBAL VOICES PODCAST The student podcast Global Voices has published its third season with the topic “Student Wellbeing During the Lockdown”. Students from all CEA universities had a chance to participate in the podcast, and share their experiences.  This season has 4 episodes, with 2 students from Roskilde University (Denmark) and 2 students from the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). Listen on Spotify   PODCAST IS SEARCHING FOR NEW MEMBERS At the same time Global Voices are searching for new members for the next season. They are looking for students who are ready to take initiative and help create new interesting and inspirative talks. It is not necessary to have experience, as long as you are ready to learn. If you want to be a part of the podcast, you can contact them at, or you can write to our student assistant Adrijana at CEA LANGUAGE CAFES CEA Language Cafes is a new project that started this semester. At the moment they have participants from five CEA universities, Roskilde University (Denmark), Paris 8 (France), Pontifícia Universidade Cathólica do Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Al Akhawayn University (Morocco), and Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). So far, they are successfully holding online cafes in Arabic, English, Spanish and Danish. Online events are reoccurring every week. All the students meet in a Facebook group where they get information regarding the next events. This is a student-driven project therefore they are always searching for students who want to take initiative and help organize cafes. If you want to join this project, you can write to the CEA student assistant Adrijana at, or just join the Facebook group and take it from there. Join our Facebook group   GLOBAL DISCUSSIONS The student group behind Global Discussions is organizing another session. This time they will focus on the experiences of students at Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). They want to discuss the impact of social movements on their lives and how they as students find themselves as actors of these movements. Furthermore, they will discuss if and why it important for the youth to be a part of social changes. The event is going to be held online in Spanish. If you are interested you can write to Carmen, CEA student representative at RUC,, or Adrijana, CEA student assistant,   Share on social   Check out CEAs website   Created with‌ ‌ Explore Ascend

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