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From: “Alfonso, Antonio” <>
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 5:15 PM

Greetings and Happy New Year! We’re moving into our new home! If you haven’t already started using Microsoft Teams, now is the time. You can keep having the same great chat conversations that you’ve been having in Slack in MS Teams Chat. Added bonus is that you’ll be able to chat with everyone at Evergreen, not just the limited number of people who are in the Slack Evergreen Support workspace.Visit for more information.The Evergreen Support workspace was used by C&C and technology stakeholders. In MS Teams, we’ve created the Technology Governance team with channels to communicate and collaborate on all the technology topics that we love. Everyone in the Tech Gov team can participate in whichever channel they’re interested in, no restrictions to participation or need to be added to a channel. The purpose of the Tech Gov team is to provide a framework for discussion and decision-making that will guide the improvement, expansion and adoption of technologies and systems that focus on the business and academic needs of the institution. Please note that the Tech Gov team and channels aren’t meant to replace the existing help/support structure – opening a ticket at or emailing NO FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing. As Slack channels move to Teams, the channel will get archived and all the previous messages and files will still be available in Slack until March 31st. Here’s the plan: Jan – March 31st: Channels archived, one by one, taking into account the needs of the channel members. We’ll also make sure that Slack users are added to the Tech Gov team before their Slack channels are archived. As channels are archived, users will no longer be able to post messages to them. Archived channels remain viewable, so you can extract anything you may want to post in Teams. For example, shared links, files, that special cat meme everyone likes, etc. Users may also delete content that they determine does not need to be retained under Evergreen’s record retention policy. A copy of the entire Evergreen Support Slack workspace will be retained for a period of time. April – May 30th: User accounts are deleted. Evergreen Support workspace is exported to record retention files. Slack provides a tool for downloading all the content (except files) and searching it. The export will be turned over to the public records office and retained for a period of time. It will not be accessible for recovery of user data. June 1 – 30th: Evergreen Support workspace will be deleted and we will formally end the college’s contract with Slack.But, we’ve heard…We know that there are other personal Slack workspaces being used in our community. Evergreen Support is the only workspace paid and supported by the college. Any other workspace being used for Evergreen business is not approved by C&C under the college’s Appropriate Use of Technology policy. Data in those workspaces is not secure or contractually protected. We advise all Evergreen employees to use only Evergreen provided systems for college business. In this case, Teams is the paid, secure and supported platform for messaging, files and all college business, including teaching and learning. 


Tony Alfonso, MS-CIS

Associate Vice President

Computing & Communications

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