RECAST | Week 8 Resources and Reminders

From: Academic Deans <>
Date: May 19, 2020, 8:00 AM -0700

Dear Colleagues – 

As this challenging and remarkable quarter reaches its conclusion, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for all you have done to help students succeed. We also have some reminders for the weeks and months ahead. 

End-of-year student presentations  

Tacoma’s Spring Fair, featuring a wide range of student presentations launched May 16 and continues through May 23. Tacoma Faculty warmly welcome wide participation, which in a virtual format includes offering written insights and responses to students. 

The Learning and Teaching Commons at the Washington Center offers to help publicize end-of-year student presentations, conferences, media screenings, etc. For coordination and publication to a WordPress site please fill out this questionnaire

Virtual Event Planning 

Event organizers seeking Media Services support, please make requests at least two weeks in advance at:  

Academic Fair

The Academic Fair, typically held at the Olympia campus, will now be held remotely on May 27, 2020.  All faculty need to fill out this webform  by Wednesday, May 20th in order to be listed on the fair guide sites page and to have a zoom meeting created to participate: Addition details and instructions will be coming to faculty via email soon. Registration week for summer and fall quarters will now begin on June 1, 2020. 

Graduations and Graduation-Related Events  

Confirmed/Save the Date/Zoom invites TBA: 

Lavender Graduation: June 11, 3 to 4:30 PM.  

Olympia Campus Graduation: Friday, June 12, 2020 1 pm  

MPA Capstone: May 30, June 4, June 6  

MPA Hooding: June 12, 10 AM to 12 PM 

MES Thesis: May 19, 21, 26, 28 

MES Hooding: June 12, 10:30 AM 

In Planning Stages: 

Multicultural Advising Graduation, Wed. June 10 (3-4:30pm pending confirmation)  

EWS Reception 

MIT Hooding 

Tacoma Campus Commencement Celebration, Sat. June 13  

Native Pathways Graduation, Sat. June 13 

Year End Deadlines 

Academic Statements: Students will still be required to submit their annual and final academic statements this spring. Annual iterations of the statement are due Thursday, May 14; graduating seniors need to submit their final statement by Friday, June 30. More information at and  

Evaluations of students are to be completed and posted, as usual, two weeks after evaluation week:  June 26 

As a reminder, we are postponing regular faculty reviews and a working with the UFE on a new calendar and with staff in the Deans Area on process for submitting portfolios. Our goal is to ensure necessary reviews for faculty on track from term to continuing contracts.   

Registration week for summer and fall quarters will now begin on June 1, 2020. 

Summer School 

Summer 2020 will be remote, with select exceptions for highly experiential courses offered in-person for the second session, if conditions allow. Please note that this decision is prompting us to review current offerings published in the summer catalog.  

Summer ILC/INT Policy 

Guidelines for students  developing an Individual Learning Contract (ILC) or an Internship (INT) for Summer and Fall 2020 are the same as guidelines for remote learning issued in the spring. This means all learning this summer quarter will be under remote conditions in order to meet state guidelines issued in Governor Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy directive. There may be some exceptions considered, given the phased nature of the governor’s most recent guidelines. Under certain conditions and by petition only, some exceptions may be provided for learning activities that are planned to occur in the second half of the summer. 

Summer institutes 

To support and enrich our collective growth as a learning organization, the Learning and Teaching Commons has collaborated with Academic Deans, Inclusive Excellence and Student Success, faculty, and staff to curate an engaging mix of sponsored and community-initiated summer institute offerings. Visit the 2020 Evergreen Summer Institute Program to review the calendar and institute descriptions.  Registration opens Wednesday, May 20. 

Deans’ Treats 

We regret that we cannot offer you some refreshment and company during evaluation writing again this quarter. We hope that you will find ways to nourish yourselves and connect with one another. We are more than happy to meet with members of our deans’ groups to discuss how things are going for you and to provide support. Best of luck during evaluation writing and conferences! 

Faculty Spotlight 

Our latest round of Faculty Notes is live! Check out our colleagues’ amazing accomplishments.  

Fall Academic Retreat 

Our annual Academic Retreat will be held virtually on Wednesday and Thursday, September 12 and 13. The agenda for the Retreat is currently being developed by the Agenda Committee and Academic Deans. We’ll be in touch with more details during the summer.   

COVID-19 Institutional Response Surveys 

Institutional Research reached out yesterday via an email invitation to see how faculty, staff, and students are coping during this challenging time. We want to know how you feel about our response to COVID-19 and if there are things we can do to support you through this difficult period. We’d also like to know about your experiences with various methods of remote teaching this term. Faculty and staff surveys are anonymous and the survey is being administered by an independent organization. The survey is short and should only take 5-10 minutes. Please check your email for your invitation and encourage students to fill out the survey as well. You may have received more than one survey invitation depending if you are a faculty, staff, or student (or all three). You are welcome to take each survey for which you received an invitation. If you have any questions about the survey please contact Coral Garey ( 

Summary of important upcoming dates: 

Evaluation Week………………………………………….June 8-12 

Academic Statements due for Grads…………….. June 30 

Commencement / Faculty Contract Ends………..June 12 

Summer Session Begins……………………………… June 22 

Spring Quarter Evaluations due…………………… June 26 

2020-21 Faculty Contracts Begin………………… September 14,  

Academic Retreat (local)……………………………  September 16-17, 2020 

Fall Orientation Week……………………………….. September 21-27 

Fall Quarter Begins……………………………………. September 28 

Classes begin September 29, 2020 (due to religious holiday) 

Pop-up Drive-thru Food Bank is happening every other Tuesday from 10-3:00 in upper C Lot. Dates through July include May 19, June 2, 16, & 30; July 14 & 28). All are welcome. 

Do you have a success story to share?  

Many of you have already been posting about your teaching and learning experiences on social media. If you want to connect your post to those of other students, staff and faculty, you can us

#EvergreenEverywhere. If you’d like our colleagues in marketing to consider further amplifying the good work you’re doing, please use:

Folks, again, thanks for the amazing work you/we have done as a community to make this quarter happen. The hard work of each and every one of you has made a successful completion of this year possible. 

Your Academic Deans | 360.867.6810 

Kathleen Eamon | Karen Gaul | Larry Geri | Greg Mullins | Trevor Speller | Marcia Tate-Arunga | Elizabeth Williamson | 

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