Maseno Evergreen-Tacoma Intercontinental Cross-Cultural Virtual Conversation

A wonderful intercontinental virtual conversation and exchange took place on Thursday, May 21st at 11 pm PST in the Lyceum Zoo

Get Dirty, Get It Done: Food Sustainability In A Food Desert

We look into what food deserts are and what keeps them going. Also, what can we do as community members to involve ourselves i

The Impact of COVID-19 on the African American Community

The Impact of COVID-19 on the African American Community Spring Fair Research Project I’aunia Taylor and Samarri Williams Th

Natural Recycling

As climate change becomes more and more evident, research was done to find ways to help counter these dramatic and destructive

The Rise to Resilience

A look into the successes of Evergreen State College Tacoma alumni who embody what it means to “Enter to Learn, Depart t

Voices She Carries

We are exploring how women sharing their stories can help form closer communities of women. We examine the importance of story

What we don’t know about domestic violence can kill us or a loved one.

It takes a whole community to end Domestic Violence. We look at how Victim Safety, Perpetrator Accountability and Community Re

Breaking the Silicon Ceiling: How Computer Literacy Affects Career Readiness

Computer skills have become ubiquitous and necessary job skills in today’s economy. Our project serves to illustrate the

Color as Therapy

A study on the use of color and it’s therapeutic functions in art therapy.

Addressing The Achievement Gap: How do students and families relate to educational supports?

This project aims to collect information regarding the relationship between families with school age k-12 students and access

Addressing Food Insecurity by Converting Lawns to Gardens

For our project, our team addresses (1) eradicating hunger (2) food sovereignty in our neighborhoods, (3) networking with neig

Community Land Trusts: A Strategy for Affordable Housing

The City of Tacoma lacks high quality affordable housing for all of its residents. Our research investigates how a Community L

Effects of Increased Nutrients on Southern Puget Sound

South Puget Sound water quality is becoming degraded due to increased nutrient inputs that are creating algae blooms, Nutrient

Better Living through Effective Public Speaking

Use your voice. Be heard. Tackle issues and Win

Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Implicit Bias (DEII) is preventative in-depth training implemented to rehabilitate and redir

No Place Like Homelessness

A look into homelessness in Washington State and the effects it has on LGBTQ+, Youth, People of Color and Mental Health popula

Genius Youth Project

A look into the school to prison pipeline

Establishing A Non Profit for the homeless

Creating a non profit organization that is specified to meet the standards and the needs of homeless individuals so that they

Defeat Head Lice: Keys to Prevention

Although Head Lice are found worldwide, in every social class and type, outbreaks can be prevented on a micro level. Members o

The Benefits of Supporting Natural Biodiversity and Sustainability in an Urban Setting

As more and more of the world’s population moves to the cities and suburbs, there is an urgent need for creating a balance b

The Silent Side of Infant Mortality

African American women have a higher rate of infant mortality. Why is the infant mortality rate highest for African American w

Stigmas of Childhood Trauma

We are offering insight into survivors and perpetrators of childhood trauma and sexual molestation

Gang Prevention Strategies for Youth in Tacoma

We identified approaches used by different organizations locally to prevent and reduce gang involvement in youth. We compared

From ACEs to Strengths

How to Alleviate The Negative Impact From Childhood Trauma And Provide A Strong Foundation For Future Well Being Please fill o

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles for African American Men and Women’s Mental Health

Why do African Americans seek and find help for mental health problems far less often than their White counterparts? What caus

Human Rights, Worker Rights, and COVID19

This project is about how has the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated systemic humanitarian issues? In what ways have people acted

Can I Vote & Why Should I Vote?

Felons are allowed to vote in the State of Washington

Toxicity Behind the Beauty

Research on toxic chemicals found in your every personal care products.

Student Podcasts

Neoliberalism in the Neighborhood

The term “neoliberalism” describes the package of economic policies, political priorities and ideological justifications i