Recast | Update on COVID operations planning for winter and spring

From: Carmichael, John
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2021 11:23 AM

To:  All Staff & Faculty

From:  John Carmichael, VP for Finance and Operations, and David McAvity, Interim Provost and VP for Student and Academic Life

Most college operations in winter quarter are unchanged from fall quarter, with most teaching and services done remotely.  We expect this to continue at least through spring quarter.  We are making a few small but important changes in winter quarter, to respond to needs and contractual agreements. We are making these changes with consideration of health and safety and our capacity to support them. The COVID-19 health and safety team continues to follow state and national guidance and to monitor indicators such local transmission rates and health verifications. We are prepared to adjust plans as needed as conditions change.

We expect to add two areas of limited in-person student service this quarter.   Student Activities plans to provide a space in the CAB for a limited number of students who need a warm, well-lighted place with good wi-fi to study. In addition, we continue to plan a Basic Needs Center to provide students with access to a food pantry and other essential supplies.  COVID safety has been at the center of planning for these services, and the COVID-19 team is coordinating with other users of the CAB with these plans.  Please look for further e-mail announcements about these new services. 

In addition, the EF language school, with whom the college has a long standing contract to lease space on campus, will resume some hybrid instruction this quarter, starting with a group of 15 students.  The EF staff have agreed to follow a stringent COVID safety protocol, including an initial 14-day quarantine of students just as the college requires of new students in campus housing, daily health verifications, small class sizes, social distancing, etc. They have provided their own staffing to manage these protocols.

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