RECAST | Faculty Update from COIVD-19 Response team

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From: McAvity, David <>
Date: Apr 10, 2020, 12:10 PM -0700

Dear Colleagues,

During the extended Stay Home, Stay Healthy order we continue to advise that faculty and staff should not work on campus if they can work from home. However there are circumstances where coming to campus may be essential to support remote instruction. Here are some cases the COVID-19 response team has considered and offers new guidance on:

  • You may come to campus to collect equipment and supplies for your own use for remote instruction. This includes equipment from the sciences, visual arts and media support areas. Please connect with staff in those areas to understand their protocols for safely sharing this equipment with you.
  • You may come to campus to work in open labs and studios if you need to develop teaching demonstrations as a proxy for experiential learning. Please connect with staff in those areas if you would like to do this work to see what spaces are open and what staff support is available.  Practice our recommendations for safely working on campus.
  • You may come to campus to collect personal items that may be left in rooms, lockers etc. See the advice about collecting personal items
  • If you have student items  in your offices that are essential for them to have for their learning prior to May 4, you may return those items to them. If it can wait until after the Stay Home, Stay Health order is lifted please wait.  If you do choose to return essential items to students remember buildings are locked. You will need to setup a safe distribution process (see attached) outside or in the lobby near the entrance to the building where your office is located.   Only admit student into the building one at a time and don’t leave the doors ajar.
  • We are now advising that those working on campus wear a cloth face covering when working with others, and that no more than two people should work together in a room.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. Keep well,

David McAvity |   Vice Provost and  Academic Dean

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