RECAST | Provost Fall Quarter Week 10 Update

From: McAvity, David <>
Sent: Monday, December 7, 2020 10:02 AM

Dear Colleagues,  

This eventful fall quarter is coming to a close, and as it does, I want to express appreciation for the commitment and dedication I am seeing from folks across the college. Thank you. 

At the beginning of this year, I outlined four priorities for our work this year: 

  • Teaching and learning during a pandemic;  
  • Stabilizing our budget and enrollment toward sustainable levels; 
  • New Academic Directions; and 
  • A re-examination of our student affairs and student engagement portfolios in the context of a smaller college with fewer staff.   

Work is continuing at a steady pace in all these areas.   Collectively, this is a heavy load, which creates a workload burden that is further complicated by furloughs.  I’ve participated in a variety of meetings for staff and faculty this quarter, along with several informal gatherings, where we have discussed these priorities and the actions we are taking.  I’ve appreciated these opportunities to engage with you on these priorities, along with other topics.  At a Student & Academic Life staff gathering last week, colleagues very clearly outlined the increased workload many are experiencing with positions that have been lost and efforts to re-envision the college continuing. We need to address this significant tension. While the work is important, we must all take time to take care of ourselves, and those around us.  

Thank you to everyone who prepared for and participated in last Wednesday’s academic fair.  There were about 500 unique student interactions with the faculty listings page and the majority of you who have already submitted the feedback form. indicated satisfaction with how things went.  Please encourage students to complete the short feedback form and do so yourself if you participated and have not yet let the planners know how it went.    

Today marks the first day of winter quarter registration.  Please be sure to respond quickly to student requests for information or assistance with registration.  If you are planning to be less available over winter break, please update your e-mail out of office reply so students know when they can expect to hear from you.  

At the most recent regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, Chair Karen Fraser opened the meeting with expressions of the Board’s appreciation of the hard work underway to move the college forward. As we near the end of fall quarter, I want you to know your work is both shared and acknowledged.    

With information sharing in mind, below you will find the videos that were created for the Board of Trustees in advance of their November meeting.  I plan to share such updates routinely in the future.  

When next I write, it will be a new year. 2020 will be in the review mirror.  I hope each of you find some opportunity for rejuvenation and time with loved ones over the break, even if it is from a distance for the safety of all.  Thank you, as always, for all you are doing. 

Best wishes,  


David McAvity | he-him | Interim Provost and Vice President for Student & Academic Life | The Evergreen State College | 360.867.6400 

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