Week 1: Resources and Reminders

Dear Colleagues:   
Welcome to Spring! We hope your break was restful and restorative. Here are some Resources and Reminders for the upcoming weeks.  In this message you’ll find information on:    

  • Launching the quarter (Spring calendar, attendance forms, connecting with advising, names/pronouns, faculty directory)  
  • Deadlines (24-25 space requests, winter evaluations, attendance forms, syllabus upload, textbook and supply orders, Academic Statement, curriculum planning)  
  • Trainings (Title IX, Employee Policy Training)  
  • On the Horizon (Equity Symposium, applications to graduate, Academic Statement Workshop, Academic Fair, Path Graduation Celebrations, Summer institutes) 

Launching the quarter:   

  • Spring dates and deadlines calendar: Please consult the Outlook Faculty Dates and Deadlines calendar (see instructions at the end of this message) for important dates and times. Some noteworthy early quarter dates are highlighted below: 
  • Attendance forms are due to Registration and Records no later than April 5, which is Friday of week 1. (If your first class session is on the weekend, please return the form by Monday April 8.) Please remember that compliance with this reporting is very important for students! Specifically, failure to return attendance forms can result in students on Financial Aid owing thousands of dollars!  (If you are wondering where to find your attendance forms, please consult the Help Wiki on class lists for faculty.) You can find lists of students enrolled in your program in my.evergreen.edu. Don’t forget that students can continue to add and drop programs throughout the week. They may do this using a registration form or, if you are a program coordinator, you can enter an override online which allows admitted students to complete their registration through my.evergreen.edu until 4 pm Friday. Please help students find and process the resources they need.    
  • Advising students: If you have a student who is not thriving in your class, please direct them to an academic advisor as early as possible (at advising@evergreen.edu). Sometimes getting out of a program is better—academically and financially–than staying in. Please help students land in a learning environment that works for them.     
  • Names and pronouns: Class lists may not always reflect students’ chosen/preferred name.  One way to address this is to ask students to introduce themselves with the name they prefer, rather than calling roll.  Additional ideas about the use of chosen names and pronouns, and other inclusive practices can be found in Welcoming Students to Inclusive Learning Spaces. This was also shared in previous Resources and Reminders.  Also, this Genders, First Names and Pronouns Help Wiki page provides some detailed information for students seeking to digitally represent themselves accurately at Evergreen.  
  • Faculty Directory: If you have not previously done so (i.e. you have not provided this information since last spring quarter), we are asking that you complete the following Faculty Directory Update form, which asks you to provide a biography and description of your teaching style. Please follow the instructions on the form; your entries will be reviewed for adherence to the standards given before they become part of the directory. 


  • 24-25 Space Requests: Space requests for 24-25 offerings were due at the end of Winter quarter; if you haven’t done so already please do so via Schedule Evergreen
  • Winter quarter student evaluations: Evaluations are due April 5, 2024. Delays in posted evals can mean holds on financial aid, or graduation and career delays, and more, which are very stressful for students. If you are still awaiting late work from students who have otherwise completed your winter program, be sure to post an “incomplete” with a due date if you have not yet done so. 
  • Attendance forms: As noted above, these are due to Registration and Records no later than April 5, which is Friday of week 1. (If your first class session is on the weekend, please return the form by Monday April 8.)   
  • Syllabus and community agreements: Please turn these in through my.evergreen.edu by Friday, April 12th.  Please make this a regular practice—this information is of great help to folks advising students.  
  • Textbook order deadlines: Book and supply orders for Summer 2024 offerings are due Monday, April 15. Orders for Fall 2024 are due Monday, May 20. Please submit these via my.evergreen
  • Academic Statement due dates: Annual Academic Statements are due on May 17; for seniors graduating in spring, the final transcript-ready version is due June 14. For more information, please see: https://www.evergreen.edu/academicstatement/requirements-and-deadlines . For students who have not turned in their Annual Academic Statement, there will be a registration hold blocking them from Summer/Fall registration. Please help your students understand the importance of this deadline! 
    • There will be an Academic Statement Workshop sponsored by theWriting Center during Week 4. The date and time are Wednesday April 24 from 3-4:30 PM.  
  • Curriculum Planning: Some dates to remember: 
    • Week 1, Wednesday 4/3 1-5 PM Curriculum Planning time (consider drafting 25-26 curriculum during this time) 
    • Week 2, Friday 4/12 25-26 undergraduate curriculum due 
    • Week 4, Friday 4/26 25-26 Undergraduate curriculum should be confirmed 
    • Week 5, Wednesday 5/1, Curriculum Planning retreat 1-5 PM 

Required trainings/professional development:  

  • Title IX training reminder: There is one additional opportunity this year for you to fulfill your Title IX training requirement (this is a biennial requirement for all faculty, and only a fraction of faculty have completed this requirement): Wednesday, April 24, 1-3pm. No need to sign up ahead of time, but please enroll yourself in the Canvas course and complete the asynchronous portion of the training before the synchronous session: https://canvas.evergreen.edu/enroll/EB6LB9.    A Zoom link will be sent nearer the date of the training. 
  • Faculty Employee Policy Training: After a significant COVID-induced hiatus, we are relaunching biennial required Employee Policy Trainings for faculty. These are the same trainings on important policies (ethics, FERPA, and much more) all staff must complete and are completed through Canvas at your own pace (estimated to take 3 hours or less total for all trainings). Look for a detailed announcement in early Spring quarter. 

On the Horizon: 

  • Equity Symposium is coming up in Week 3! Please join the campus community for events on Wednesday April 17 and Thursday April 18. For more information follow the detailed event and schedule information link. 
  • Apply to Graduate Deadline: Please encourage degree-seeking students eligible to graduate in academic year 2023-24, including summer, to apply to graduate by April 15, 2024. Those who apply to graduate by April 15 will have their name in the printed commencement program. Students can apply to graduate after April 15, but will not have their names in the printed program due to print deadlines. 
  • Academic Statement Workshop: Wednesday April 24, 3-4:30 PM. 
  • Academic Fair: Wednesday, May 15, 4-6pm, via Zoom 
  • Path Graduation Celebrations: Graduation day (morning), Purce Hall, Friday June 14th 10:30-11:30 a.m. 
  • Summer Institutes: Thanks to all of you who submitted amazing proposals for 2024 Summer Institutes!  This summer’s program offers opportunities to build community, improve our practice, and engage in meaningful conversations about student success. The Commons will again be sponsoring a conference-style institute, Designing Learning Experiences that Matter: A Planning Institute for In-person, Hybrid, and Online Courses and Programs, that merges intentional and universal design approaches to program and course planning with a variety of optional workshops and – new this year! – a track with a focus on online course development. The institute will be offered twice this summer, June 24-27 and Sept. 9-12.  Registration for summer institutes will be open from April 29 -June 10.  Look for an announcement with additional details from the Learning and Teaching Commons to arrive in your email inbox in April.  

Best wishes for a productive and healthy spring quarter!! 

The Academic Deans | 360.867.6810 

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