Community Care in Spring Quarter

This quarter has been unimaginably hard. We’ve tragically lost two valued members of our community. The findings of the Washington State Patrol’s investigation brought to the forefront some hard truths we will need to face as a community. We are all weathering the stress and trauma of challenges on campus and beyond. How we are impacted by these events influences how we are able to show up for each other and students.

We’ve prepared a short handout for you to consult as you plan for spring quarter. This handout offers a brief description of a trauma-responsive approach along with links to resources.

When you return from what I hope is a restorative spring break, please consider joining me and the Washington Center staff for a workshop in Week 2 where we will create a space to better understand how our brains and bodies process stress and traumatic events. Using a trauma-informed approach to learning, we will strategize ways to care for ourselves, each other, and students – especially in challenging situations when we don’t have satisfying answers.

For additional resources and support, please contact us,

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