Hi Terroirists,

As you know we have reserved time today in the computer lab to work on your upcoming assignments.  We are expecting that folks working on these assignments will attend today.   We asked that Groups 1-8 use time in the morning and Groups 9-16 use time in the afternoon.  There appear to be plenty of free computers so feel free to attend for more than just the morning or afternoon session.

Please note that we have a handout for you to pick up today regarding group work — that will be DUE Tuesday (3/8) at 9am.

Ellen Shortt Sanchez will be here at 11am (as posted)– She is the Director of Evergreen’s Center for Community-Based Learning and Action, and will be sharing info about local terroir-related field study opportunities for spring quarter.  Please plan to attend if you want to do a local field study in the Terroir program spring quarter. 


See you at some point today,

Abir (and Sarah and Steve)