NOTE: SCHEDULE CHANGES THIS WEEK TO ACCOMMODATE GUEST PRESENTATIONS: Check times and rooms carefully! Bring a tea cup of your own choosing for your own repeated use during week 5 tea tastings.


9-12  Longhouse (not Sem2 E1107) Tea Tasting with Dewey Meyer, head of the Portland branch of the American Tea Culture Association.

See these links for more information:  International Tea Masters Association and the Northwest Wu-Wo Tea Association 

1-4  Media Workshop for students in Group B in CAL (ground floor between Lab1&2).  Have images, text and audio ready to edit for the “Savoring Place” Video Assignment


9:30-11  Seminar: The Darjeeling Distinction: Read chapters 4, 5 , and Conclusion (pp. 113-180). Seminar Writing Assignment due.  Please include word count next to your name.

11:15-12:45 Anthropocene Lecture Series

Category Controversy: What Does It Mean To Say Anthropocene? Panel Discussion moderated by Miranda Mellis, with EJ Zita, Zoltan Grossman, Shangrila Wynn, and Alejandro de Acosta

Reading: Holmberg’s Mistake , The Anthropocene Debate , Haraway-Anthropocene-Capitalocene-Plantationocene-Chthulucene-Making-Kin


Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of Slow Food  Olympia. See these links for more information about Slow Food International, Slow Food Olympia, and  Richard McCarthy.


9-12 Media Workshop for students in Group A  in Library/ Computer Center 2617.  Have images, text and audio ready to edit for the “Savoring Place” Video Assignment.

1:30-4:30 Tea Tasting Longhouse (not Sem2 E1107) with Raj Vable, Founder, Young Mountain Tea


10:30-12 In program ILC students meet in SEM2, E3105. Be prepared to share progress and challenges for each of your learning goals.