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Tuesday Lecture and Tasting Lab

Cultural Studies:  Reading: Taste Culture Reader ch 6  Bourdieu’s “Taste of Luxury, Taste of Necessity” plus review of ch 15 Zuzuki’s “Zen and the Art of Tea” and review ch 28 Proust’s “The Madeleine”

SW’s Lecture Notes wk2

Natural History: Read this Camellia sinensis article from the Kew Botanical Garden. Besides considering tea as a perennial plant, relate their statement on fair trade to perceptions in The Darjeeling Distinction. This Great Teas website is informative, make sure to check out their Resources page.  Familiarize yourself with images of tea plants and plantations by doing a google image search of “camellia sinensis cultivation”  A short, but detailed and referenced, primer on tea plants is also useful.

Tea Processing: information on how the same leaves can be processed into different types of tea

Natural History, controls on terroir (incl. climate, soils) of Indian teas:

Websites discussing tea-growing regions in India (focus on Himalayas, Assam, and Nilgiris areas):

Indian Terroirs: Please read at least p.164-166 of the attached  Tea_terroir chapter (by Gascoyne, Marchand, Desharnais, and Americi)– please read more if you get a chance).

The formation of the Himalayas: (focus on the 1 minute video)


For students new to the Terroir program, the following excerpts provide some background for how soils form and how and why soils are different in different locations.  In Soil-intro_Ch1_BradyWeil, please read p.9-15 for Tuesday. In Chapin_Ch3_Soils please read at least p.46-51 for Tuesday. Please also read p. 58-64 if you get a chance.

For continuing Terroir students (from Fall, with background in soils), review the pages listed above (from Chapin and Brady & Weil) and please read  and the introduction section of the paper (focus on soils and climate):

Tuesday Tasting Lab   [BRING TO CLASS YOUR COPY of Stuckey’s Taste What You’re Missing]

DUE Tuesday by 12:35 PM online at the Terroir Canvas Site (see link in right column at the bottom of the WordPress program site).  Wtr PreLab 1 and Wtr PreLab 2  are listed on the canvas winter quarter modules under weeks 1 and 2.  You can also access the WPreLabs through the sidebar as quizzes.

Reading:  Stuckey ch 7 “From Womb to Tomb”

Please remember to wash your hands with soap on arrival in the Longhouse.

Linda Bartoshuk video excerpt ( and Tasting Lab using PTC and PROP

Savoring Tea Across India:  The Terroir of Different Tea Producing Regions and  Tea Party! 

Wednesday Seminar and Art Lecture Series

The Darjeeling Distinction, chapters 2 and 3 (pp. 59-112)

Winter Quarter Seminar Writing Assignment

Art Lecture Series: 11:30-1 COM Recital Hall and ET

Week 2, 1/13: Steffani Jemison, New York based video artist. Her video Personal was in the fall Evergreen Gallery exhibition, Sensations that Announce the Future.

Thursday Case Study

9-12 Media Workshop Group A; Case Study Work Time Group B

1-4 Media Workshop Group B; Case Study Work Time Group A

Friday Independent Field Study Consultations (required only of students doing independent field studies winter quarter)

10:30-12 Sem2 E3105