Tuesday AM

Permaculture: Steve’s goal is for students to peruse the book and select 5 site profiles that are a good ecological fit for growing grapes, especially Vitis vinifera species. Be prepared to explain why you think each of your chosen sites is a good fit for grapes. Also read page 153 on Terracing and reflect on how terracing may help to ‘dry farm’ grapes. Dry farming is discussed in the Naked Wine text as a reference point on this topic.

Culture Studies: Read two selections from the TCR:  Peynaud’s “Tasting Problems and Errors of Perception” and Gronow’s “Champagne and Caviar.”  SW’s lecture notes w/URLS  LecREVWk5

Earth Science: Read Ch. 5 of Understanding Earth (Grotzinger) during Week 4 and/or 5- we will cover on Week 5 Tuesday. Test on Friday in class covering Ch. 1,2,3,4,5,9 — the parts that were covered in class.

Abir’s powerpoint Tuesday slides– Terroir_geo_W5T-post

Abir’s list of topics (sort of a study guide) for the mid-term on Friday–


Answers to Homework from Grotzinger Ch. 4:  Grotzinger_Chapter 4_answers

Mid-quarter Self-Evaluation and Academic Statement Workshop:  Mid-quarter Self-Evaluation is due at 9am week 6 Tuesday.

Tuesday PM
PreLab 4:  On Canvas due by 12:45 PM at 80% pass rate
Tasting Lab: Read Stuckey: p. 81- 101; Tasting Lab on page 101 “Identifying Food Without its Texture” Tasting Lab: Identifying Food w/o Texture
 NOTE:  Cedar Room will be available from 1 pm to support you completing  the Tasting Lab before participating in the Inequality Town Hall:  “Building the Food Sovereignty Movement, Creating a Solidarity Economy,” 2-4:30 Library Lobby.
  Inequality Town Hall small(1)
Seminar: Read Trubek (The Taste of Place) p.1-53; 251 to 262 (Intro, Place Matters, and Appendix)
Anthropocene/Art Lecture Series: 11:15/30-1:15/30 COM Recital Hall/Experimental Theater
NOTE: Check website in advance for speaker topic, bio, and required reading (if any).
Earth Science/Permaculture Lab: Earth science, finish Rocks Lab- focusing on metamorphic rocks (Rocks test in Week 6).  PLEASE BRING YOUR LAB (that you started in Week 3) to Lab to complete.
 Slides from Metamorphic rocks lab: Slides_from_metamorphic_rocks_lab (Wk5)
Case Study CAL: Editing and posting from wine field trip to wine eTerm paper/websites
Earth Science Lecture: In-class test on Grotzinger Ch. 1,2,3,4,5, and parts of Ch. 9 covered in class and homework.
Seminar: Read Naked Wine- ch. 4,5,6