Groups 1-6: Please bring a pan/plate (baker’s dozen) of snacks per group for sharing during group presentations on Tuesday.


Groups 7-12: Please bring a pan/plate (baker’s dozen) of snacks per group for sharing during group presentations on Wednesday.

Due: Fall quarter student Self-Evaluation, 9:45 AM on official Evergreen College form, wordprocessed, spell-checked, and printed through your  DO NOT SUBMIT THIS TO YOUR TRANSCRIPT AT THIS TIME. Please place your self-evaluation inside your folder of seminar writing (original copies with faculty comments), arranged in chronological order.

Note: Your student fall quarter final Self-Evaluation is due week 10 Wednesday 9:45 AM in class or at your evaluation meeting with your seminar faculty–whichever comes first.  If you are continuing in the Terroir Program winter quarter and have confirmed with your specific seminar faculty that you are NOT at risk for loss of credit a fall quarter evaluation meeting is optional rather than required.  See your seminar faculty for week 10 and week 11 evaluation meeting schedules.  IMPORTANT:  Students should address in their narrative self-evaluations all components and assignments for which students expect to receive credit.  Review the weekly schedule and mid-quarter assessment handouts for guides as well as the draft program description.

Student Evaluations of Faculty: The program covenant states that students are required to write faculty evaluations to receive credit. You should write a separate evaluation for each faculty in the program – Abir, Sarah, and Steve. Faculty are required to have these evaluations as part of our professional portfolios.  Each student determines the length and content of the evaluation. Bring these evaluations to your evaluation conference. If you do not feel comfortable giving these evaluations to your faculty then turn them in before your evaluation conference to our program secretary, Pam Udovich. Pam’s office is located in Lab I first floor.

SW’s Eval Mtg Schedule:  If students need to change a meeting time, please arrange to swap with a peer and update SW on any changes by email:    See this SW Eval Mtgs2 for available times.  All meetings are in SW’s office: Sem2 C2106.

SIGN UP FOR ECOFARM ASAP:  If you want to attend EcoFarm as part of your field trip experience to CA go to the website ASAP and register for the conference, meals, and quad housing.  Single and double rooms are already fully booked.  Hotels in the area are expensive and booked months in advance of EcoFarm.  Meals at EcoFarm are all about local terroir and good conversation.  After you’ve signed up let Sophie know to receive a 5% discount on lodging. 


This Academic Fair Handout for Winter Quarter provides details and recommended as well as required reading in preparation for winter quarter.  Here is Heather Paxson’s “Locating Value in Artisan Cheese: Reverse Engineering Terroir for New-World Landscapes.”

The first seminar text for winter is Sarah Beskey’s The Darjeeling Distinction:  Labor and Justice on Fair-Trade Tea Plantations in India.  Start reading and taking good notes!