Tuesday AM


Permaculture: Review online the Specialty Coffee Association website.  Within this site thoroughly examine their Botanist’s Guide to Specialty Coffee. Also view their page on Specialty Coffee Facts and Figures. These resources will help us discuss the natural history of coffee and the potential role of coffee and coffee houses in social permaculture.

Cultural Studies: TCR:  Mintz, “Sweetness and Meaning.”  SW’s lecture resources Wk7 Lecture SW

Earth Science: Reading for Tuesday Week 7, p.46-53 of  Chapin_Ch3_Soils. For Friday’s reading see below (under Friday–and get ahead if you can). Please print and bring the Chapin reading to class (during weeks 7 and 8).

Abir’s Tuesday slides: Terroir_geo_W7T-post

Tuesday PM

Field Study and Cupping (Coffee Tasting):  2:30-4:30. Two week alternating group visits based on Thursday lab halves of program as follows:
Batdorf and Bronson (200 Market St NE; 360 753 4057). AM Geology Lab students go here using public transportation to arrive by 2:20. Host: Bob Benck.
Olympia Coffee Roasters (108 Cherry St NE; 360 753 0066).  AM CAL students go here using public transportation to arrive by 2:20.  Host: Sam Schroeder, Evergreen Alumnus.
No Pre-Lab
No Stuckey-Based Tasting Lab


VETERAN’s DAY- NO Class and school CLOSED
Earth Science/Permaculture Lab: MEET OUTSIDE CAL– in the covered space between Lab 1 and Lab 2.

 We will be at the Permaculture Garden and the Kiefer plots using a permaculture lens and looking at and collecting soils at both sites.  Be prepared for bad weather and bring a notebook.

Soils lab handout (pdf): Terroir_Soil_Lab_Fall_Week7_final
Case Study CAL: Zotero, ZotPress and resource management related to eTerm paper/websites. 
NOTE:  In preparation for this workshop please review Paul McMillin’s email (sent to you as a Canvas announcement) and these two files Paul references: Zotero Checklist for next Thursday  and  BI Terroir 2015 Fall handout
Case Study CAL: Zotero and resource management related to eTerm paper/websites.  Practice data: Steve DeVries’s XL-based   Cacao Library

Case Study Worksheet:  Assigned week 6; Due in CAL today week 7.  (Reminder:  Our program covenant specifies NO LATE WORK!)

Instructions for setting-up Zotero with ZotPress (WordPress plugin)

Follow-up to Paul McMillin’s Zotero and Open Source Workshop. Social Justice, Authenticity, and Data as Commodity:  The Terroir of Academic Publishing?  A Broken System?

Earth Science Lecture: Reading: Continue readings from Chapin handout and start reading from Brady and Weil handout.
(1) Chapin p. 53-56 (Development of Soil profiles through Soil Transformations);
(2) Chapin p.58-61 for Friday (Soil Horizons and Classifications);
(3) Brady and Weil p. 9-15 (posted here: Soil-intro_Ch1_BradyWeil)
 (Please  print and bring the Brady and Weil reading to class during weeks 7 and 8).
Abir/Steve’s Friday slides:  Terroir_geo_W7F-post
Homework: please complete “Review” questions 1,2,3 and 4 (from the end of the Chapin reading)– and please type your answers. Please submit your homework at 9am at the start of class. Please print and bring the Chapin reading to class (during weeks 7 and 8).
Seminar: World Atlas of Coffee, Intro to coffee and roasting (pages 12-57), Sites in Africa (pages 121-137)
Please check out the reports of renewed violence and genocide in Burundi and compare and contrast this news with the Burundi section in our World Atlas of Coffee text (p 122-5)  and Oly Coffee Roasters Burundi Project: