The Academic Fair Handout for Winter Quarter provides program details as well as recommended and required readings in preparation for winter quarter.  Come prepared for the first class meeting having read  Heather Paxson’s “Locating Value in Artisan Cheese: Reverse Engineering Terroir for New-World Landscapes.”

Tuesday Lecture

Cultural Studies:  Reading: Taste Culture Reader (Korsmeyer, ed) ch 15 Zuzuki’s “Zen and the Art of Tea” and review Proust’s “The Madeleine” [SW’s lecture resource notes]

Natural History: Reverse Engineering Cheese and Permaculture

Cheese as Permaculture Mad Lib in-class handout

Tuesday Tasting Lab   [BRING TO CLASS YOUR COPY of Stuckey’s Taste What You’re Missing]

Reading:  Stuckey pp 339-358, ch 20 “Summary:  Sensory Truths You Never Suspected” and ch 21 “Fifteen Ways to Get More from Every Bite”

Stuckey In-Class Handout: Lab1_wk1wtr

Bring your copy of the hard cover version of Barb Stuckey’s Taste What You’re Missing to class.  You’ll be using it for an in-class open book PreLab. Please remember to wash your hands with soap on arrival in the Longhouse.

Savoring Tea the Taste of Siliguri:  Tea Party! 

Wednesday Seminar

**WEDNESDAY MORNING–we will be making groups for case studies this quarter– please attend!**

The first Wednesday seminar text is Sarah Besky’s The Darjeeling Distinction:  Labor and Justice on Fair-Trade Tea Plantations in India.  Week 1 – we will analyze and discuss the introduction and chapter 1. This is detailed, scholarly work, and you will need to read it carefully and take notes to effectively participate in seminar.

Winter Quarter Seminar Writing Assignment– due at 9:30am Wednesday when you walk into seminar.  Please make sure it is typed.

Winter Quarter Seminar Writing Assignment


Thursday Case Study

12:10 NOON: Mandatory Meeting for Students Planning Independent Field Trip other than CA weeks 3-4:  Meet in Library Lobby then move to Lib rm 2205

9-12 Media Workshop Group A; Case Study Work Time Group B

Thursday Morning Media Workshop— GROUP A

Student,    case study group #
Cummins,    1
DeLao,    1
Nord ,   1
Bender    2
Feighery    2
Jordan    2
Threatt    2
Dunn-Wilder    3
Kirchoff    3
Larson    3
Mcgrath    3
Gruett    4
Hayhoe    4
Su    4
Allen    5
Sierant    5
Snody    5
Urman    5
Burghardi    6
Cranmer    6
Lindgren    6
Cavanaugh    7
Mousseau    7
Tuchel    7
Caicedo    8
Plenty Wolf    8
Moore (new student- not sure about spelling)    8

1-4 Media Workshop Group B; Case Study Work Time Group A

Thursday afternoon Media Workshop— GROUP B

Student,    case study group #
App ,   9
Freeman,     9
Landrieu Murphy,    9
Carouso    10
Garcia     10
Siongco    10
Carlton    11
Hantula    11
Tippy    11
Kahn    12
Lane    12
Needham    12
Wegner    12
Holtrop    13
Lattery    13
Sloan    13
Antonio    14
Dillon    14
Van Dyck    14
Welch    14
Knuckey    15
Taylor    15
Day    unassigned case study group, Steve’s seminar
Moffett    unassigned case study group, Steve’s seminar
Hammond    unassigned case study group
Saunders    unassigned case study group
Wei    unassigned case study group
Zion    unassigned case study group


Friday In Program Independent Project Meeting with Faculty

10:30-12:30   Most students will not have class. Only applies to continuing students with an in-program ILC pre-arranged with faculty

Week 1 Class Schedule – PLEASE note the online class schedule viewer should be ignored.

FRIDAY CLASS – Most students will not have class. Only applies to continuing students with an ILC pre-arranged with faculty







SEM II E1107




Longhouse 1002

Tasting Labs



SEM II E3105




COM 124

Artist or Anthropocene Lecture Series

Thursday – Group A


Computer Center

Media Workshops

Thursday – Group B


Computer Center

Media Workshops

*Friday* – ILC only


SEM II E3105

ILC – faculty meet



All students new to Terroir winter quarter, and all able continuing students, will be participating in a terroir-laden CA-based field trip during weeks 3 and 4.  An option during the field trip for interested students is participation in the EcoFarm Conference near Monterey, CA 20-23 January: < >  See email below for registration details.  Quad rooms will sell out quickly. 

The faculty  received the following change from EcoFarm regarding the registration info they provided and what we announced in class  week ten.   Please register ASAP  for “registration, meals and quad housing” following the directions below.  All students new to Terroir winter quarter are expected to participate in the CA field trip. Participation in the 3-day EcoFarm Conference is optional for all students. 

From: Gabi Salazar []
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2015 6:24 PM
To: Williams, Sarah
Subject: Registration Instructions for Students!

Hello Sarah!  I discussed this case with Ken our Executive Director and we will be able to offer a slightly different arrangement which we believe will greatly simplify things in the future.  We would like to offer that the remaining students register with the following discount code:  EVRGRN5 Please have your students enter the discount code exactly as it appears above in the discount code field at the TOP of the registration page, and press “Apply”.  This will take 5% off of their registration for the full conference in a Triple/Quad. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a refund for the 5% discount to students who have already registered. Making changes in the registration and payment system is unfortunately difficult and costly for us to manage. Please let me know if you have any questions or difficulties with this process.  Warmest Regards,  Gabi  — Gabi Salazar
Conference and Program Coordinator 

Ecological Farming Association 2901 Park Avenue, Suite D-2
Soquel, CA 95073-2831
[p] 831-763-2111
[f] 831-763-2112